Sunday, January 9, 2011

The 2010 Wrap-Up and Catch-Up

All in all 2010 was a pretty eventful year, especially the last half. The beginning started with two amazingly awesome blizzards.


  • Blizzard #1
  • Andy and I started Take Shape for Life (I am very embarrassed to post these) 
Before at 184.2 lbs.

Before at 255 lbs.

  • Andy and I started discussing the possibility of purchasing our first house here in Chambersburg.
  • Blizzard #2
My backyard

Blizzards of 96' & 10'... both times it came up to my boobs!!
  • We actually started looking. We found and fell in love with a bi-level over in Mountain Shadows only to find out that it wouldn't be possible to buy it until October. After that depressing news, we spoke with our realtor who had already spoken with the builder and he agreed to build us our own bi-level! Sweet! Now, the pain fun began!!
  • Andy sang at our neighbor's wedding and did an amazing job (as always!) 
  • DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!! was my very first blog post EVER! Yay for me!!  
  • Eli's first birthday party
  • Easter fun:

Egg hunt with my niece Katelynn at Friendship Community Church

Katelynn's dad Ryan and Andy... Don't ask!

<3 Family <3
  • Impromptu photo shoot of all the gorgeous spring flowers in Matt's backyard

  • Another impromptu photo shoot at Andy's parents

  • Andy's surprise 40th birthday party
  • We bought the land for house
  • Andy's 40th birthday
  • We broke ground on our house. 
  • We celebrated Kristi's 5th birthday and my 24th birthday at Texas Roadhouse
Yes... My daughter LOVES wings! (She's totally my kid!)

The happy couple<3
  • Trip to the Baltimore Aquarium with my niece Katelynn
  • Jordan's 4th birthday party
  • Katelynn's 6th birthday party
  • Kristi's 5th birthday party
  • Kristi's first day of school at Biglerville Elementary
The most beautiful girl in the world<3
  • Andy and I sang at Beth and Justin's wedding
  • Vacation at Ocean City, MD 
This was taken with my iPhone 3G & is seriously one of my all time favorite pictures.

  • Andy almost won a free vacation at Coconuts (almost being the operative word).
  • I hit my goal weight!!!
After: 134.4 lbs.
  • Our last day at 7 5th Street, Biglerville
  • Kristi's first day of school at South Hamilton Elementary
  • We finally moved into our new house!!!!
  • Andy's mom's surprise birthday party

  • Celebrated Thanksgiving & went Black Friday shopping
  • Decorated the Christmas tree
  • Saw Kristi in her first school play/musical
Love her <3

  • Went to Dutch Wonderland with the Mazulla/Boyer/Wilt & Echterling families
  • Made TONS of Christmas cookies including sugar, holly leaves, and whoopie cookies
  • Celebrated Jesus' birthday

  • Got the GREATEST gift EVER... a proposal from Andy!!!! (pics coming soon)
So all in all we had a very busy, very productive, and completely blessed year! 

Looking at 2011, not too much has happened. Andy parents came over on New Year's Eve to celebrate with us. We had steamed shrimp, salmon dip, cajun crab dip, cheese, bologna, chips, and salsa (a pretty sweet spread if you ask me). 

The spread

The fantastic and perfectly steamed shrimp

The newly engaged couple <3
We played Bananagrams and of all the rounds we played, I only lost once! Woohoo! We also played Don't Break the Ice, had wonderful conversation, and tons of fun. :-) On New Year's Day we went over to Andy's rents to hang. We had fantastic pork and sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, apple pie, and ice cream. After eating, we sat around and chatted until Andy and I had to pick up Squirticus (Andy's new nickname for Kris). It was a really fun time! 

We've set the wedding date. It's officially (as of today) May 21, 2011. :-) The planning so far has been fun. I've chosen pink and green as the colors (not sure of exactly what shades yet). The ceremony and reception will be at Brethren Fellowship, our church. I'm so incredibly excited that I seriously I feel as though I'm jumping out of my skin! 

Andy and I got a beautiful black and white picture and sconces for Christmas. We've been trying to decide where to put them. Andy originally had the picture hanging in the living room but I felt it was too hidden and wanted to move it. Andy had the great idea of hanging them together above our bed and I have to say that I'm very happy with the placement. I definitely think it was the perfect place for them. 


I started back to school this past Monday. This block of classes I'm taking International Business (INB205) and Supervision and Leadership (MGT245). International Business is already kicking my butt. Holy cow is the print small in that book!! I find myself struggling with the reading and I'm thinking it may have to do with the fact that I have no interest in this subject whatsoever. We'll see though. I'm finding Supervision and Leadership pretty interesting though. I'm just so happy that after these classes I only have 1 (possibly two depending on my credit transfer) class left before graduating!! Score!!

Well, this update is getting pretty lengthy so I'll let your eyes rest... for now. :-) Until next time, happiness and many blessings!


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