Monday, February 28, 2011

Your Dream Night (Day 4) & 1,000 Page Views!

Ahhh!! I just checked my site stats and today is the day that I went over 1,000 visitors!! Sweet! I started blogging in April of 2010 so that's a pretty sweet feat! Thanks to all who read this. I love sharing my life with you guys and hope you find my posts funny, inspiring, or make you feel better about your life ;-) Onto Day 4 of the 100 Day Picture Challenge.

Day 04 - A picture of your dream night:

I chose this picture because it represents one of my favorite things to do: spending time with my family. 

This weekend was a fun filled family time weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday at Storm Training (which was totally awesome). Andy and Kristi had a great time together watching Megamind and hanging with his family. After training, I met up with them for dinner at Montezuma's. Kris ended up falling asleep in the booth next to me and didn't even touch her dinner (which is strange because we were only there from 7-8:30). After dinner, Andy and I took Little Love home and hung out for a little. Sunday we went to church and heard another AMAZING sermon! I'll do a separate post all about it. After church we went to Texas Lunch and had awesome western omelette's. I came home afterwards to do homework/housework while Andy and Kris stayed at his mom's to hang with Matt, Susan, and Carol. I got four loads of laundry and two homework assignments completed before they got home. Today has been fairly productive so far. I got two more loads of laundry done and all our bills paid. Now on to goals:

Room of the day: Working on it.

Business: Made the necessary phone calls today. Just waiting for responses. Got my first real estate agent call. Updated my spread sheets. Just put together my business plan for getting me to ED by the end of March. (Making this a public thing is really scary but I really think it'll help me with accountability. Well, that and my business coach. She's definitely one I DO NOT want to disappoint!)

Quiet time: Today's quiet time focused on Matthew 6:7-15. These verses focus on praying. I always feel so stupid when I pray, especially out loud. I never know what to say. Manny actually made me more comfortable with praying. Last year, he did a sermon and one of the things that hit me and stuck was that Jesus is our friend, our best friend (at least He should be). Manny told us to think about how we talk to our best friend. We tell them how we're doing and what's going on in our lives and what we did today. Well, it should be the same way when we talk to Jesus. Even though He knows everything that happened to us and everything that is on our hearts, He still wants to hear us. Another thing that I love is even when I don't have or can't think of the words to describe my feelings or my days or my life, I don't need them because Jesus already knows what is on my heart. That is just so amazing!

Weight loss: Today is my official first day of being back on plan. I'm doing well. Three MF meals in and about to partake of my L&G. :-) This will be a weekly goal so I'll only update on Mondays with my weight loss success.  

So my plan from now on is to make sure I am in bed no later than 10:30p. I'll read for 30-60 minutes and try to go to sleep no later 11:30. I'm getting up now at 7:00a so I can do quiet time before Kristi get up for school. That way, I start my day with The Word and end it the same way. Plus, I get my much needed me time. 

This is the last week of these two classes and I am sooooo excited! These classes have been killing me with reading and work. I'll have a week break and then start my next and final class. Score!!! I'll be finished school in the middle of May, right before getting married, and have my graduation ceremony sometime in June or July. :-) I'm starting my bachelor's degree in elementary education in June. 

That's my life from the past few days, unhinged. Until next time, much love and many blessings!


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  1. Isn't it TERRIFYING sharing things you're a little insecure about publicly? I'm on Day 59 and I still get twitchy about it. It will make a huge, huge difference in feeling stronger and better and more "okay, so I CAN do this and I DO have support" about your life, though.