Thursday, March 3, 2011

Your most treasured item (Day 7)

Wow. I thought yesterday's was tough! Hm...

Okay, so reasons I chose this: 1. It's a promise and a commitment given by the most wonderfully sweet and awesome guy in the world! 2. It's my most expensive piece of jewelry (as far as I know). 3. It's the symbol of our unconditional love towards each other. <3

I had such a hard time with this one because there are a couple of other things that were in the running for other reasons. For example, my car. I put a lot of work into it and she gets me where I need to go (most days). Without her, I'd be lost. Another one was my laptop. I do all things business and school on my laptop plus it's my connection to the outside world via FB and other social sites, although not quite as much since I've gotten my iPhone. Which brings me to my third item: my iPhone. I'm uh-ddicted to it. No really, like I would die without it. Just to put it into perspective, this happen very few and far between but there are times when I'm rushing out of the house and I forget my phone. The minute I realize it (which is usually when I'm out of the driveway and there's just no time to go back for it), I seriously feel like I'm naked and about to start hyperventilating. I guess you can say for me that my iPhone is like my security blanket. And yes, I already realize that I have issues. There's no need to point that out. ;-)

I figured I'd go ahead and update this while I wait for my extremely slow printer to finish printing these pictures of Kristi. She is star of the week next week so it's a whole week dedicated to her. Each day they have a different activity to help the children get to know her better. She is soooooooo excited! LoL! Who wouldn't be? A whole week where you get to line up first and pretty much be the first at everything... I'll take it! Anyway, in addition to her being SOTW, it's also spirit week. She'll get to wear PJ's to school on Monday which is she is also oh so excited for. She already told me she's wearing her elephant footie pj's. I'm just wondering how comfortable that's going to be with sneakers?? Eh... I'll definitely be getting pictures of each day.

Tomorrow is the final day of celebration for Dr. Suess. In honor of his birthday this week, tomorrow, Kris is wearing striped leggings with her jean dress, mismatched socks (which'll probably be mine again), and crazy hair. She's going to look AWESOME! I can't wait.

Moving on...


Business: In the past two days, I've made 4 prospecting calls and actually spoke with 3 of the 4. I just can't share with you how excited this makes me. I know it seems like such a small task but this is what set me back last year when I first started this business. I decided that I wasn't going to do a 100 person contact list because I was too scared to make those calls. And look where I am... Not where I want to be! Going to Storm Training with my business coach last weekend really gave me what I needed to do this. I was scared to make those calls because I felt like what if the person I'm calling gets offended because they think I'm saying they need this program? What if I sound stupid? The reality is this whole process really isn't about me. I mean, it is on some levels but it's really about me just sharing my news. I'm so happy and elated (and those of you who have done this and are doing this with me understand) that I've found a program that is 100% completely safe, fast, easy (yes, it really is), and effective! That's it in a nutshell. I just want to tell everyone about it. My prospecting calls are simply about sharing what I've found with the people I love and care about. I want them to be around with me forever. Anyway... That was an extremely long-winded way of saying that I'm making progress. :-)

Well, I'm out of time. Homework is calling and this is going to take me some time tonight because I'm attempting to use my speech recognition software instead of typing (I'm having immense pain in my right wrist which I'm pretty sure is the beginnings of carpal So until next time, much love and many blessings!!


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