Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The first of the year

The first of each year is supposed to bring about change--change from old habits, change towards new goals--change. When I sit down and think about 2011, there are so many great and wonderful memories like marrying my best friend, finding out we're expecting, being in both of my sister's weddings, my honeymoon, vacation with the Echterlings, and a multitude of other things. There are also many things I had hoped to accomplish but did not. I'm not so sure I want to roll over those goals or not. What I do know is that goal help propel us forward, no matter what area of life they relate to. I have many different types of goals like business, knitting, blogging, personal, spiritual, and relational. Each area has its own set yet they are all intertwined and create the fabric of my life, essentially: me. So as I sit here and think about what it is I want to accomplish this year, I'm not only pondering specific things I want to accomplish but also how that will fit into my neat little box of time. Without further ado, here are my 2012 goals:


I've sat down and thought about this/these goals many times. I've had one main goal and that was to be an Executive Director by a certain time. I have yet to hit that. I'm revamping this to not reflect a position level but an actual dollar amount. By the end of 2012, I want to be making enough money to not only replace my previous income but also bring Andy home with me. That is my long-term, yearly goal. Here is how I'm going to get there:

  • By February 29, be making a minimum of $2000 a month and supporting at least 25 clients
  • By April 15, supporting at least 25 clients and have a minimum of 3 health coaches
  • By May 31, be making a minimum of $3000 a month, supporting at least 25 clients, and have a minimum of 5 health coaches on my team
  • By July 31, be a certified health coach
  • By September 30, be making a minimum of $4500 a month, supporting at least 30 clients, and have a minimum of 7 health coaches
  • By December 31, be making a minimum of $6000 a month, supporting at least 30 clients, and have a minimum of 10 health coaches
This is a really scary prospect to put it all out there, in open internet space. I know the minute I hit publish, that's it. I can't take it back. I honestly don't even know how many people will read this but even if no one does, it feels good to get it down on paper (well my computer screen). I have been struggling with motivation. I get all hyped up and ready to go but then that hype starts to fade and I lose the motivation to follow-through. Well, not this year! This is going to be the most amazing year yet for our family and for my business!


I know I usually keep this part seperated from this blog since those posts alone can be pretty lengthy but I'm talking about goals. I have to include these because it's such an integral part of my life, my spirit, my being. So here's what I'm going to accomplish this year:

  • Create at least 5 patterns with only 2 of those being dishcloths
  • Knit one gift for every family member for Christmas and/or birthdays this year
  • Have at least 15 completed projects by the end of the year
That doesn't seem so hard but when I think of some of the things I want to make people, I'm just not sure if there's going to be enough time to do that. I like challenges though!


Last year, my goal was blog everyday, even if only something minute. That obviously didn't happen so I'm going to revamp that one a little too. I find that sometimes I just don't have anything to talk about. Instead of blogging every day, my goal this year is to blog at least twice a week. If I do more, great. I think this will be helpful not only to help me remember things (we all know how incredibly forgetful I am), but also help update family members who I don't always get to talk to on a regular basis on the happenings at the Kramer household. So this is number one for this week!


Last years goal for this was to have a quiet time every day. I started out pretty well with this but have since slacked. I don't have an excuse nor will I even attempt to make one. The simple fact is just that I need to do this every day. My goal to start out is to spend a minimum of 15 minutes reading the bible and pondering what I've read/praying about it. As of right now, the best time for me to do that is right after Kristi gets off to school. I have a few hours before Andy wakes up for the day in which to do that.

Last but certainly not least...


What I mean by relational is relationships. I'm very bad at keeping in contact with people. I say I'll call back but always forget (sorry mom!) and I don't make plans with people much. So my goal this year is to make more time not only for my friends and family, but also more quality for Kristi, Andy, and I.

Okay... so that about sums up goals for the year. I'll definitely be reflecting on these each week as well as revising them throughout the year so be sure to stay tuned! Moving on to the family part of this...

We celebrated Christmas with Kristi this past Monday. Andy's parents came over to join us for the day which was really great. It was so much fun spending time with them and letting them enjoy Kristi opening their gifts. We started with a pancake, egg, and turkey bacon breakfast (and of course coffee). Then moved on to preparing for his parents to arrive. I have to say that I was very proud of how patient Kristi was in delaying the opening of her presents until his parents arrived. We watched Kristi open all her gifts from them and Santa's gifts and then had lunch. We had steamed shrimp with potato salad and both were amazing! Next up was supposed to be watching the traditional Ruldolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (original 1964 clay-motion version), Frosty the Snowman, and A Charlie Brown Christmas. I downloaded and burned the movies the week before; however, failed to check the DVD and realized after trying to play it that the sound didn't work on the DVD. I stupidly already deleted the files from my computer so I couldn't even hook that up to the TV to play. So we watched Percy Jackson in HD instead. LoL! Not exactly Christmas but that's okay. We ended the day with a small ice cream dessert while Kristi tried out her new Innotab (her "kid" iPad as she likes to call it). Here's a couple of photo highlights:

Well, that's about all I have for today so until next time, much love and many blessings!



  1. "This is a really scary prospect to put it all out there, in open internet space. I know the minute I hit publish, that's it. I can't take it back."

    Girl, I feel you on this in SPADES. To someone else, it might be a very "whatever" statement, but when it's this big, monumental, personal thing that you're putting out into the universe and it's something you want SO BAD and something you might very well not accomplish -- that's such a brave thing. Go, Courtney!

  2. Courtney,
    I have been reading your blog and love it! I have tried and failed many times at blogging and I hope to get on track this year! I also hope to loose weight and get healthier so I will be talking to you about that in more detail soon! :)