Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time Management

My nemesis for today: time management. It's something in which I severely lack skills. I have tried utilizing different methods to help but they never seem to stick (maybe because I haven't tried them long enough??). I don't know. What I do know is that I have to figure this out. It's going to be even more imperative once Trinity is here. I think one of my major issues is that I don't prioritize. I'm really good at making lists but prioritizing--not so much. I also think I don't realize how long tasks take so I end up only completing like one or two things. And then I feel discouraged. So, it's definitely something I need to work on. Today was a perfect example. My plan was to put the changing table together, finish the load of cloth diapers, and finish cleaning up/decluttering Trinity’s room all before Kristi got home. I started all this around 1 since that is when Andy was finished moving the furniture around. I got the changing table together, the closet reorganized, and the book shelf decluttered. I didn’t even have a chance to start on the computer desk before she got home. In my mind, that should have all been completed prior to her getting home but in reality, there just wasn’t enough time. The next things on my to-do list were to get Kris her snack, visit John in the hospital, hit Wal-mart for yogurt, and pick up dinner. All in all, I was thinking as long as we left the house by 4:30, we’d be home and finished eating by 6:30 at the latest. Well, 6:30 turned into almost 7 so that wasn’t as bad. Ugh! Sometimes trying to figure out my day can be so frustrating. Maybe I shouldn’t be so worried about always finishing everything on the list? Or maybe I should make the list with less items? I don’t know. I guess this is a learning process that everyone goes through and I just have to learn!
I did get a bunch of stuff done today which was great and made me feel good, even if it wasn’t everything on my list. I was really excited to go through all the baby clothes that we’ve gotten so far. There are soooo many adorable outfits that I can’t wait to put on Trinity! Now, it’s just the daunting task of washing everything. I was undecided if I wanted to just use the detergent we have or to buy the special, dye-free/fragrance-free stuff. I started out using that with Kristi and then changed over to using our regular detergent and she never had any problems. I have mixed feelings about it. I honestly think Trinity will be just fine using our regular detergent. I mean, she’ll be snuggling with all of us so she’ll be exposed to it anyway. Okay… I’m rambling now so on that note, I’m off for the evening. Until next time, much love and many blessings!



  1. The only thing I used the "special" detergent on was the cloth diapers. Everything else went in with our clothes and Charlie never had any issues (not saying this would be true of all kids, but just letting you know it worked fine for us if that makes you feel better!).

    1. Thanks Casey! I actually washed all the cloth diapers before I thought about it. I guess it there's any problems with skin reactions, I'll buy the Dreft and rewash the diapers. I washed all her other clothes with our detergent as well. LoL! **crossing fingers** it won't be a problem.