Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life Changes

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the Kramer household. Super Bowl Sunday brought about the birth our daughter, Trinity. She was supposed induced on the 7th but decided to show up early--like 4:13 a.m. early. She's absolutely perfect!

I have to be honest and say that it has definitely been a more difficult transition than I anticipated. It's amazing to me how incredibly different Trinity and Kristi are at Trinity's age. Kristi slept 4-5 hours in between feedings from the day she was born and was all around a very good baby. She only ever cried when she needed something. Trinity is a good baby too--don't get me wrong--but she seems to be more needy. I'm not sure if that's because she's nursing so she needs fed more often?? All I know right now is that it is so vastly different than my experience with Kristi, not in a bad way, just...different. The other thing I'm finding crazy different is my hormone levels. With Kris, they were insane during pregnancy, I mean have-a-nervous-breakdown-every-other-day type insane. But afterwards they went away. This time, they all hit like the last month and seem to be surging crazily right now. I cry for no reason or for the stupidest things. Like last week... once I started, I just couldn't stop. I must have cried for about an hour (well it seemed like an hour). It's just crazy to me.

Trinity had her first check-up a few days after birth. She was born at 7 lbs 10.8 oz and when she left the hospital was down 7 oz. At her first check-up, she went up 2 ounces which is good but I guess wasn't quite enough so they brought her back the following Monday. I was definitely a little nervous for that weigh-in because we were really struggling with nursing. She's having latching issues and just seemed to not eat much. Oh, and she absolutely HATES formula so that wasn't an option. Thankfully though, when we went for that appointment she was up past her birth weight so the doctor was really happy. She just went in again yesterday and is already up to 8 lb 2 oz! Yesterday's appointment had to do with her narfing at almost every feeding. When I called to schedule her one and two month check-up appointments, I asked the nurse about it. I guess they were concerned about her not gaining enough weight so they had me bring her in. Thankfully, she doesn't. Her sphincter muscle (and all babies) won't mature until after she's a year old so we'll have to deal with the narfing for awhile. That was probably more than you needed and/or wanted to know... Moving on...

As of right now, I've really been struggling with my goals the past month. Normally, I would get on myself about that but I've decided that it is what it is. They're goals; therefore, they're the end result of the journey of accomplishment. As long as I keep striving towards completing them, I'm happy. So as of right now, I really don't have anything to report. In the spirit of goals though I do have a new one: losing the baby weight. Since the birth, I'm down almost 13 pounds. My first goal is to have the pregnancy weight off within 6 weeks (not really sure how realistic that is but I'm nursing so that should help??) and then hit my ultimate goal by summer. I think it should be doable but am not sure how nursing will affect that. I know I won't lose the weight quite as fast as I did with doing the 5 & 1 since I have to eat more but I can't wait to start!

On that note, I'm going to try and get a quick nap before she gets up again. Until next time, much love and many blessings!



  1. Shes so beautiful, congratulations!!!

  2. I remembered that you were due a couple of weeks ago and sure enough your baby is here! She is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations and I hope that things are feeling more adjusted. It definitely took me a bit to bounce back physically and to get used to our new routine---still not sure I have a handle on that part! Anyway, many blessings to you as you love your two little ones!