Friday, March 16, 2012

Five Years

5 years ago today, I came home from a spring break trip to Chicago. While in the grand scheme of things that doesn't sound like something that would normally be "important", it is one of the most important days of my life. It's the day that marked the beginning of my husband and I's relationship. Wow... 5 years ago... On one hand, I can't believe it's been that long and on the other it feels like forever. In the past 5 years, we have had many ups and downs, laughs and cries, joys and heartaches. In the past 5 years, we have shared our hopes and dreams, loves and hates, and intimate details that no one else but us knows. God has given my daughter and I an incredible gift in the man I now call my husband. He is the most amazing person I have ever met. He loved me unconditionally from the very beginning--no strings attached--just the way Jesus does. It amazes me how much this man makes me want to be a better person. He took my broken soul, spirit, self-confidence, and worth and brought me back to life. He gently and lovingly steered me in the right direction, especially those times I didn't want to go. He loves God with all his heart and tries each and has shown that to me since day 1. Because of him and God's love, I have found my way back to living my life for Christ and I can't thank Andy enough for that. He is my rock when things get tough and the one person who truly rejoices in all that we face. He is my love and I am so thankful that God has blessed not only me, but my family with an amazing and loving man. Happy Anniversary Andy! I love you and look forward to many, many more years with you! XOXOXOXO!




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