Saturday, December 1, 2012

5 Months = Slacking

Has it really been that long?! Wow... I feel like a total slacker! Well in case you were wondering, no, I did not fall off the face of the earth. It's just been a tad crazy in the Kramer household!


My birthday, Kristi's birthday, and Kristi's birthday party.

We didn't do anything special for my birthday. We had an amazing party for Kristi down at the Bentzel's house. The instructor of the hula-hoop troop we saw earlier this year also does birthday parties, bridal showers, etc. Kristi was so excited after seeing the troop that she just had to have Angel host her birthday party! It was such a blast and even the adults got in on the fun!
Warming up

Knee hooping (she's really good at this)

Jill getting in on the fun

Ryan joining in
After the hooping, we got glitter tattoos, opened gifts, and then went outside for some trampoline and faucet fun!

Attacking Andy


This wasn't a very eventful month. 

Trin continues to grow (she's pretty much been in the 85th percentile since birth! 

I had my first in-home party at Shari's as a Thirty-One consultant. It was awesome and better than I hoped for! 

Kristi started second grade <3 p="p">

Her favorite new outfit

I had my biggest sales month with my biggest in-home party. 

Our annual beach trip! Here's a few photo high-lights:

First time boogie boarding

First wipe-out (she wasn't too amused)


My first Shillelaigh (ew!)

She's so silly!

First time putting her hands in the sand

Cartwheeling is HARD in the sand

Our penguins

Such a sweet moment <3 font="font">

One of my all-time favorites

Her first time flying a "real" kite
We had a blast with the Echterlings again this year! It was a very nice, relaxing time. Megan and I got some knitting accomplished while sitting on Salty Yarn's porch and watching the kids play in the sand across the way. Next year is definitely going to be interesting... More on that in a few!


Trinity started crawling this month (and wants to learn to knit). 

Kristi had her first camping, bon-fire, and s'mores experience (in our backyard).

She also participated in Crazy Hat/Hair Day at school! 

Our family found out this month that it will be expanding again in June, the 22nd to be exact! <3 p="p">


We decorated our Christmas tree and put up most of the decorations. 

We spent Thanksgiving with the Bentzel's, Black Friday shopping, and saw the new Twilight movie (and it was uh-mazing!). 

Trinity is now standing up on EVERYTHING! She had her 9 mo check-up and is still in the 85th percentile for height and weight! She's eating and sleeping well and is doing great! She's hitting all her milestones either early or on-time. :-) 

I can't believe it's the beginning of December already. This year has really flown by! I'll definitely try to update this more often because as you can see, reader's digest versions just aren't in my vocab! Until next time, much love and many blessings!


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