Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One Year Ago Today

As I'm drinking my coffee this morning and contemplating the last year of my life, wow is about all I can say. There have been many ups, downs, laughs, heartaches, tears, and smiles. There have been many milestones and firsts, especially as of late. My Love Bug is officially 1 today! I can't believe how incredibly fast this year has flown by! I'm so in love with her already and fall more in love with her every day. Until I had Little Love, I never understood what unconditional love truly was. God has blessed me and our family with amazing children, grace, and love. <3 p="">

Our beautiful princess <3 nbsp="">
First family pic (minus half his head)
Her first professional photo shoot

Love her face <3 nbsp="">

First time in the sand

First ride in a swing

One of my all-time favorite pics 

Christmas Eve PJ's

First Christmas present opening
A quick run-down of her firsts:


  • Born <3 nbsp="">
  • Professional photo shoot


  • Check-up


  • Easter celebration
  • Sleeping through the night 
  • Soccer game


  • First time at the beach & putting her feet in the sand
  • Rolled over from front to back 
  • Laugh 
  • Solid food 


  • Birthday party (her sister's)


  • Put her hands in the sand
  • Swing ride


  • Crawl
  • Halloween


  • Thanksgiving


  • Christmas
  • "Dance"

I know I'm missing a few and can't seem to remember/find when they happened. Speaking of my Love Bug, she just woke up so we're going to go in and sing "Happy Birthday" to her as a family.

Until next time, much love and many blessings!


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