Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love Bug's 1-year

Love Bug turned a year in February but just now had her 1-year check-up. She unfortunately didn't get to see her normal doctor because of rescheduling the appointment since I was sick at the beginning of March but the doctor she had was incredibly nice and helpful. Since Love Bug's birth, she has had dry patches on her skin. We thought it was psoriasis since Andy has it but the doctor said it's more in line with eczema. We have to start using either Eucerin or Cetaphil on her skin 3 times a day. Hm... not sure how that's going to work since she's so squirmy! She hasn't gained as much weight since her last check-up which we're attributing to being more active. She weighed in at 22.5 pounds and measured 29 3/4" long! The doctor says she looks perfect! :-) We're just about finished weaning her off of formula which is definitely a blessing! (I'm praying that I can nurse Harrison the whole time because formula is soooo expensive!) The only bad part of her appointment was she had to get 4 shots. Needless to say, she was not a happy camper when that was over! Other than that, she did great and was surprisingly calm the rest of the day.

I am amazed more and more every day at how quickly she is growing and learning! She's starting to walk a little. I think she still prefers to mostly crawl, but last night she actually took about 6 steps without holding on to anything. She's been getting more and more daring with this in the past week. Here's a short clip of her last night:

Since her first birthday, I've started teaching her a little sign language to help her communicate her wants and needs. She's been doing "more" and "please" a lot and I introduced "eat" to her last week. She finally is starting to put everything together. She'll sign "more", then say "please?" (although it sounds more like peas), and then say "thank you" once you give her what's she asking for. So far, it's mostly pertaining to food but I'm sure she'll start using them in other ways soon. She's became very verbal in the past few weeks and can say a lot of words to help communicate what she wants. I have to be honest--it's so nice. I honestly don't remember Little Love being quite this verbal this young. I have a feeling that her sissy is really helping Love Bug want to communicate. They are just so sweet together and inseparable.

Little Love is doing great as well. Her last report card was amazing and as a special surprise for doing so well, we got a Girl Scout outfit from Build-A-Bear for Dooda. She was ecstatic! I'm really glad she liked it because I was a tad worried she wouldn't with how her first meeting went. She has her second meeting tonight so hopefully she'll get a better sense of things and enjoy herself.

Sometimes I feel as though I live in an insane asylum. My days are a whirlwind of activity and half the time I can't believe it's the end of the day! Where does all the time go?! I'm convinced a little monster hides in my house and when I'm not looking, sucks all the time away! Anyway... I have some serious time management issues. It's definitely never been my strong suite but since Love Bug's birth, I just feel as though it's gotten worse. I've gotten better in the past month or so but adding another baby into the mix is definitely giving me some concerns. I just keep praying every day that God helps me stay on task and get the things done that need done and to shy away from those that distract me. On that note, I better go get some stuff done while Love Bug is sleeping.

Until next time, much love and many blessings!


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