Thursday, May 1, 2014

Quaker(R) Warm & Crunchy Cranberry Almond Crunch Review

It's been a little while since I've posted a review or had something to review! My latest and greatest is something new from Quaker(R): Warm & Crunchy Cranberry Almond Crunch cereal/oatmeal (I'm not really sure what category it's in).  I love the flavor of oatmeal but not the texture. Let me start by saying, "Oh man!" The flavor of this is incredible! Quaker's(R) newest creation offers the best compromise! I sampled the cranberry almond and fell in love! All the packets were gone in a week--it's THAT good!

Because of my texture issues, I was really hesitant to join this campaign. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and texture. I actually tried this two different ways--the suggested way and cold, with just milk. I also experimented with the amount of milk added. All the ways were great! The flavor of cranberry, almond, & granola was amazing and perfectly balanced, not too much of any one thing. I really enjoyed the amount of cranberries and almonds in each packet. The texture when heated was surprisingly crunchy, even after sitting for a little while (I got sidetracked so one of the times, it sat for about 30 minutes before I ate it). The cranberries add a nice chewiness while the almonds and granola give it a nice crunchiness. No matter how much or how little milk I added, it didn't change the texture of the oatmeal. The granola was more crunchy when I added cold milk but didn't heat it and was just as good as when heated!

I really like how quickly this prepares. It's as simple as opening the package, pouring into a bowl, adding milk, and heating (or not!). All-in-all it's a 2 minute process from start to finish. The "hardest" part was getting the packages open!

I would highly recommend this for those who are busy in the mornings and tend to grab fast food on the way to school or work. It's fast, satisfying, and delicious!  


Although I was given the opportunity to try these products for free as a BzzAgent, the above opinions and experiences are 100% mine. :-)

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