Friday, August 22, 2014

A Moment Like This

As I woke up this morning, I had very bittersweet thoughts. Tomorrow our lives will forever be changed. We will go from a family of 5 to a family of 6, 3 of those members under the age of 3. This is the last full day I will ever feel a baby kick, roll, or move inside me. It's the last full day I will ever struggle to get down on the floor to play with Love Bug or Bug-A-Boo because we all know that getting back up is next to impossible when this pregnant. It's the last full day I will feel the weight of baby Willow pressing against my stomach oh so painfully. And while I am completely excited and grateful for what tomorrow holds, I'm also completely sad that this is an experience I will never have again. My pregnancies aren't easy by any stretch of the imagination and I'll admit that I complain--a lot--when I'm pregnant. But God gave women such an amazing blessing in the way we were made and today, I'm just realizing how much I've taken that for granted (pain, suffering, and all).

Moving on to the family and general updates... Yesterday I was sitting on the couch watching Bug-A-Boo play with a truck and was just in awe of the difference between him and Love Bug. Not just a difference in their personalities and physical growth but differences in their likes and dislikes at this age. Bug-A-Boo is all boy. I don't really know how else to explain it other than he just loves playing with blocks and building towers, playing with cars, and throwing himself around or climbing all over everything. Love Bug at this age was more interested in playing with dolls, kitchen food, and her rock table. Physically, Bug-A-Boo walked before Love Bug and also has a mouth full of teeth, whereas Love Bug waited until 14 months to walk and still only had her 4 front teeth. She started talking much sooner than he, even though he tries so hard to form words and has since about a year.

Bug-A-Boo started walking and hasn't stopped since (or so it seems)! He's still in that wobbly stage where he looks like a Weeble Wobble (but actually does fall down). He trips over his own feet constantly which makes me laugh, especially when he tries "run". He scares me half to death when he face plants on the couch, barely missing face planting on the floor by only an inch. He likes to knock things over (like our lamp) to see what happens and put toys inside other toys and objects to see if they fit.

Little Love is starting 4th grade, 4th grade, on Monday! I can't even believe it. Where did all the time go? I know I feel this way at the beginning of each year but this year I think it's hitting me a little harder knowing it's the first time I won't physically be here to see her off to school. It makes me incredibly grateful that the iPhone has FaceTime capabilities and that our hospital has WiFi access for their guests! She got to meet her teachers earlier this week and now that she has, she's excited to start school. Her teachers are nice and I think we're going to have a great year.

That's about all I have for today so until next time, much love and many blessings!


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