Saturday, October 24, 2015

Secret Outlast® Completely Clean Clear Gel Review

There's no denying that Secret is a contender in the personal care world. I recently had a chance to try their new Outlast® Completely Clean Clear Gel antiperspirant & deodorant. My initial reaction was fairly positive. It goes on smoothly and doesn't feel sticky after applying like some other clear gels I've tried. It held up pretty well to the initial outdoor test - no smells or wetness after a few hours outside in the heat. One thing I really liked about this specific deodorant is that there is no residue left on your clothes after applying (as long as you leave it dry first), so you don't get any white streaks when putting on your shirt. With that said, I wasn't fond of the burning sensation I got after shaving. It also took longer to dry than what the company advertised. When first put on, the smell is a little overwhelming but not bad once you get used it. (This may not be the kind to use if you're smell sensitive.) I used it continually for about a week and each day I spent time outside in the heat for about 4 hours. I found it didn't hold up as well as the initial time - there was definitely some odor and wetness. All in all it's descent but I didn't get a "wow" factor so I'll be sticking with my normal brand for now.

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Disclaimer: Although I was given a product to facilitate my review, all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.

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