Friday, July 30, 2010

Feeling kind of lost

The past few days have been an emotional roller coaster for me. Between the stress of building the house (which is exciting but also financially draining), checking my electric bill, trying to motivate myself to stay OP, school, and everything else... I'm just a little bummed. I got a real shocker a few weeks ago with school. Because I dropped a class back in April, I now owe a bunch of money because they sent some of my financial aid funds back to my lender (which was never properly explained to me). They sent it to campus collections because I'm past due (and mind you it was only 5 days past due and I didn't get any notification about it until the day they sent it to campus collections) and I can't go back until the past due balance is paid for. It's a big run around because my funds are sitting with my lender and they are more than willing to release them to the school; however, school is saying they can't request them until I'm back in attendance. Ugh! Sooooo frustrating! It wouldn't be such a big deal but I only have a week to figure out how I'm coming up with the money to pay them off before they send it to an outside collection agency who will then start dinging my credit. That's the really frustrating part. I'm still trying to recover from my divorce and have been doing pretty well at clearing up my credit and this is the absolute last thing I need right now. I also had another shock a few weeks ago with a company who I've had a payment plan set up with for the last year and a half is now saying that the payment amounts aren't acceptable anymore. The company they used to handle the payment plans didn't follow the correct procedures and I was never supposed to only be paying what I agreed upon. So now, they want almost triple the amount I was originally paying and I just can't afford it. I swear everything hits all at once! Ugh!

Anyway... So the house is completely framed! That's definitely exciting. We got to go inside and look at everything. It seems much smaller than I remember but it'll be so nice to be in the house. I can't wait!! Here's a few pics of the inside:

 Formal living room
 Dining room and kitchen
Kristi's bathroom
Master bedroom
Master bathroom
Great room
Great room
Great room

On the business front, things are going pretty well. I don't have as many clients as I would like but I'm slowly working up to getting the amount needed before we move in. I only need about 6 more to hit my goal of 15! Last night we had a training session about the release of "Generation H" and it was totally amazing! Kelly Rife is such an amazing and inspiring woman! Every time I get to hear her speak and train it revs me up and gets me so excited for what we're doing! I can't wait to implement some of the new materials that were released at National Convention. :-) It's definitely a great time to start this endeavor! I don't really have too much else to talk about so until next time:

♥Health & Blessings♥

P.S. Check my other blog, On My Needles, to find out what I'm currently working on!

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