Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bittersweet firsts

Today is Kristi's first day of school *tear*. I ended up waking up at 5:40 am this morning to my incessant bladder crying out "release me". Okay, not that you needed to know all that but I did get up at 5:40. I attempted to go back to sleep until my alarm went off at 6:30. Much to my chagrin, my body said, "No way!" So, spiteful little me wasn't going to give in and laid there until my alarm went off. Haha! Anyway... After getting myself ready, I went over to my little love's room and gently shook her awake. Of course, she grunted at me because that's what she does when I wake her up. After laying there for about 5 minutes grunting, she finally decided to pop her head up at me and proceed to literally jump out of bed (I seriously wish I didn't have to have coffee to make myself that awake that early in the morning!). We decided together it would make more sense for her to eat breakfast first and then get dressed because all who know my little love knows she is dopic, especially when it comes to eating. So, she had a "serving" of cheerios and milk (she's so excited to measure serving sizes...LoL!) for breakfast.

Well that took all of about 10 minutes for her to eat. I purposely woke her up early because it usually takes her at least 30 minutes to eat! I figured she could relax for a few minutes before actually getting ready since we had ample time, so she watched an episode of Hi-5. After that, she got ready by wearing a fun and pretty yellow dress and instead of wearing her new sneakers her daddy bought her, she put on her adorably cute pink and white polka dot flip flops. Which, I'm thinking now, probably wasn't such a great idea for me to let her do. LoL! Of course, because it was the first day of kindergarten, mommy pulled out the camera and got a few really great shots.

Holding the new backpack daddy got for her
Name tag/bus pass pose
"Strong girl" (umm... I think she looks really mad!)
Funny face
The most beautiful girl EVER
After we were all ready, we headed to the bus stop:

Next, Kristi gave Andy and I both a kiss and hug and ran off to wait in line for the bus. I was very proud of her for waiting so patiently and a little disappointed that she was so eager to be independent!

First step into the bus

And there she goes...
And that's when Andy and I both teared up! My little girl is growing up to be a strong, independent, and beautiful little girl. I'm happy that I get to share this with her but sad at the same time that I can no longer call her my little baby girl... She's definitely not a little baby girl anymore. I swear, next time I turn around, she's going to be asking me for the keys to borrow the car! :-) 


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