Friday, August 27, 2010

One is the Loneliest Number...

So Kristi's first day went great! She had a great time and loves her teachers! I would've never guessed that though when she stepped off the bus yesterday afternoon. She had tear stained cheeks and was hysterically crying. That's when I noticed that she didn't have Rose in her hands. First thought popping into my head was, "Uh oh! This is going to be a long night!" I asked her what was wrong as we were walking back to the house and she was crying so hard that I couldn't understand a single coming out of her mouth. I finally got her to take a couple of deep breaths and she told me that the teacher wouldn't let her bring Rose home. I was like, "Hm... Okay. Did she say why?" Kris said that the teacher said she needed to leave Rose there for rest time the next day. So I asked if Kristi told the teacher that Rose needed to come home. She vehemently shook her head and said she started crying and told the teacher. I was like okay... At this point, I was kind of upset because no where in any of the paperwork that I got did it say that a stuffed animal needed to be sent to stay at the school. It said to send along a favorite stuffed animal for rest time. My thinking to that was if it's a favorite stuffed animal, obviously a kid would not want to leave it at school. Or maybe I'm missing something there?? Anyway... Kristi said she cried the whole bus ride home and the continued to cry the whole walk home and drive over to the school. Thankfully, there were still people at the school and we were able to get Rose, so all in all the crisis was adverted. I sent an email to the teacher this morning explaining that Dooda and Rose have to come home each day because Kristi never goes anywhere without them. She's had Dooda since she was 18 months old and that bunny has been attached to my little darling's hip ever since.

So day number 2: Kris is super excited to go back (I love the resilience!). She shot like a rocket out of bed this morning, ate breakfast, got ready, and went off to school with no problems. Oh, and before leaving the house for school she just had to get a pictures with her new sneakers.

My little model
I went to pick her up at the bus stop today and she was happy as a clam coming off! Both Rose & Dooda were in her arms! Yay!!! She is loving school and growing up more and more each day :-)


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