Monday, October 18, 2010

The last few weeks....

Have been nothing short of CRAZY!! Holy cow! So we got completely moved into our new digs (awesome!!). That was a fiasco in of itself. No... really... I mean it! After pulling an all-nighter to finish the moving, we ended up having to stay with Andy's parents for 2 weeks because our house wasn't finished yet. The builder had sincerely hoped to complete the construction and have the inspection finished by the first but that didn't happen. So, we had a great mini-vacation staying with Andy's parents. I do have to say that having a fully homemade dinner every night was pretty sweet! I had a really fun time hanging with Andy's mom, Carol. We went to the Hagerstown outlets to do some early Christmas shopping/looking/wish-listing. It was awesome! They have a fantastic store called Legacy that has all handmade, solid wood furniture that is a little pricey but total worth the cost. We picked up a gorgeous natural hickory dining room table set. It's 42" x 66" and has two additional 12" leaves. I'm so excited that we can finally entertain and have enough places to seat everyone (without having to use the living room)! And since it's being delivered Thursday afternoon, we'll be able to use it this weekend!! Yay!

I am just so excited to finally be moved in. The unpacking isn't going quick as quickly as I'd like, but my main goal right now is to just get everything put away that is a necessity. I'll worry about the other stuff later. Andy and I would really like to finish painting the rooms before we put everything in them. We have the living room almost complete. My goal this week is to finish Kristi's bathroom and her bedroom. Once those are finished, I'll be moving to the master bedroom and guest room.

I was so happy to cook my first meal in my new kitchen tonight (EEEEEEEE!!!). Even though it was only omelets, it still made me really happy :-) As I've been going through boxes and attempting to pare down some of the non-essentials, I came across a salad dressing hand mixer. It's been sitting in our cupboard at Biglerville for 2 years and I had no idea what it was. Haha! (Just like I didn't know that the grinder Andy used for his flax seed was actually a coffee grinder! LoL!) Well, now that I know I can't wait to try some of the salad dressing recipes I've found. There are so many things, cooking wise, that I want to try. When looking through cookbooks, I find so many different recipes worth trying but some just seem very unhealthy. My current cooking goal is to try and find a way to make those oh-so-unhealthy recipes more healthy. Whenever I do that, I'll totally post it here and share :-)

So Kris and I were having kind of a lazy night tonight. We were watching Barbie Thumbalina when a knock at the door totally startled us. Our next door neighbors came over to say hi, introduce themselves, and bring us homemade chocolate friendship bread (YUM!)... You know like in the movies!!! It was so cool! They were incredibly nice and I loved chatting with them. :-) I think we talked for close to an hour! They have 2 adorable little girls that Kris had a blast playing with and a 4 month old son. I think she made some fast friends. Speaking of....

We got to meet Sophie Rose yesterday! What a blessing! Kristi was so cute yesterday morning. When I went to wake her up for church, I told her that today was the day she'd get to meet Sophie. As soon as those words escaped my lips, Kristi bolted out of bed faster than I could say, "Good morning!" She was so stoked! After she and Sophie met, they were inseparable. They had a blast playing with each other and especially with all of Pappy's toys (he uses them in his play therapy counseling). It was so much fun watching both of them having fun. :-)

Well, I'm thinking this update is getting a little lengthy so until next time... Much happiness and many blessings!!


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