Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beach and moving

As you all know, my goal was to update each day I was at the beach to recount what we did, where we went, and the fun in general. Obviously, that didn't happen. I only made it to the library once and didn't have enough time to update. Anyway... As you read in my previous post, we headed out very early in the morning on Saturday, the 19th. We arrived at Antigua (our condo) around 11 a.m. and I, of course, took our arrival picture.

Our condo
 After we arrived, we unloaded and unpacked everything into our room. We hung around the condo for most of the afternoon to give the little ones time to rest.

We have some awesome views from our condo: 
Bay side

Beach side
 After we spent time at the condo, we went down to the boards for supper and exercise. We ate at so many amazing places including The Bonfire, Lombardi's, Dough Roller, The Bayside Skillet, Bull on the Beach, English's, Crabcake Factory and some I know I'm forgetting. I ate so much fantastic seafood which is one reason I love going to the beach!

Monday morning I went for a walk on the beach while Kris and Andy were still sleeping. Here's a few of the pictures I took:

My favorite

We got to spend some time in the sand this year and the weather was perfect!
Little love trying to build her first sand castle
Kris, Andy, and I went out on the beach later in the week to walk around a little while the smaller children were napping:
Andy's attempt to get Little Love near the water

My Love wishing he could swim in the water

This is how the beach looked after the enormous waves

Running toward the waves

Building a sand castle just so the waves could knock it down

Our version of "foot prints in the sand"
At the beginning of the week, there was a rip current advisory so the waves were enormous! Because of that, Andy couldn't swim in the ocean which definitely made him a little sad. But, he walked with Little Love along the water to get her acquainted and hopefully swim later in the week. She made me laugh so many times because as she and I were walking along, she would run up to the water and when the waves would get close, run away screaming and laughing. It was a really great time! Andy and I drew our initials and instead of doing hand prints, did our footprints (kind of like the poem). Kristi, of course, felt a little left out (which was totally not the intention) so she made her own with all of our initials:
My Love & Little Love both went swimming multiple times while down there since there is a heated pool at our condo. I was so proud of Kristi for swimming all by herself and allowing Andy to teach her how to dive! It's was a fantastic experience for all of us!

Every year, there is an artist who creates these amazing sand sculptures near the boardwalk. They are always of Christ in various forms. Here's this years (sorry about the blurriness... I took them at night and didn't have the right light setting):

I love seeing these every year! It really helps ground me in a place where I sometimes need to be grounded.

Here's a couple of random photos from our trip:

A real guy doing a tribute to our soldiers

I think I only got one photo where she actually smiled

Kristi's first experience in the ocean
Thursday was the last day in our townhouse in Biglerville. It was a very bittersweet moment for me because although I'm super stoked about moving into our new place, Biglerville was the first house Andy and I had together. We have so many memories there. I actually cried a little but I think that was more because I had been awake for just under 24 hours! Andy and I finished patching, loading, and cleaning around 4:30 a.m. and took the final truckload over to the new house Friday morning. We dropped the truck back in Gettysburg and headed back to Andy's parents since the builder cannot get the occupancy permits until next week at the earliest. I finally got my first hour of sleep but Little Love woke me up so I could each lunch. :-) It was a trying week trying to get everything taken care of and I am so happy that it is finally over. Well, other than that, not too much is happening here so until next time...Many blessings!


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