Saturday, January 29, 2011

Date day & Ice Fest

Today was great--those three little words sum it all up. It started out with Andy and I catching up on Fringe which is a totally awesome show and if you haven't watched it yet, you should because it's just that amazing. Afterwards, we went through more boxes in the rec room and I got most of the upstairs bedroom/craft room/second office together. The only thing left in there is to actually move my computer and papers in and put the bed together once I find the hardware. That last one is a little short coming at the moment because I seriously have NO clue where I put it! After we spent time cleaning, we went to see No Strings Attached which was hilarious! I love Ashton Kutcher! To me, he's one of those actors like Adam Sandler and Jim Carey--no matter what movie you see with them in it, you know it's going to be funny/good. Well, I was definitely not disappointed with No Strings Attached (Natalie Portman was awesome too!). So to finish off our "date day" we went to Perkins for dinner. Yes, I realize that Perkins isn't really a "date" type establishment; however, we are both doing Take Shape for Life and Perkins is one of the only restaurants that will allow us to substitute salads for a side without complaining or adding extra charges. They're super nice like that! I typically get an omelet whenever we eat there but tonight I got lemon pepper salmon that was just plain awesome! Anyway... We came home and continued to do more organizing/cleaning in the rec room. Andy is determined to get the room finished by the end of this weekend in order to be ready for the Super Bowl party next weekend thus, all the work being done in the rec room. Speaking of organizing...

Since we don't have nearly the kitchen space in this house as our last house, Andy had a fantastic idea. It's something small but made me very happy. We only have 2 drawers in our entire kitchen, one large and one very small. The large one currently houses most of our silverware and cookware like spatulas, knives, etc. The unfortunate thing is the drawer just isn't large enough to house everything. I had the idea of purchasing a caddy to sit on the counter but Andy came up with an even more creative idea that doesn't use counter space. Here's what he did:

That basket used to hang outside with flowers in it and was white. While he was washing it he noticed that the white paint started coming off. Honestly though, I like it better this way. It's more rustic/vintage looking. :-) We hung it on the side of the cabinet closet to the sink using a Command hook which holds up to 3 lbs. I'm definitely happy he had this idea!

So back to out day... After dinner we stopped by downtown Chambersburg for the annual Ice Fest. It. Was. Awesome! There were about 55 sculptures in all and I took pictures of each although a few came out blurry. I apologize now for the quality. These were all taken on my phone because my camera was not-so-smartly sitting on my couch!

I <3 his ability to be goofy!

My custom made ring ;-)

The symbol of love


The key to my heart...

Our 7th Lombardi trophy! Go Steelers!!!

All that was missing was Kris & her tiara

Pretty sunflower
I just love the intricacy and detail on each piece. The pictures definitely don't do them justice so if you have time tomorrow to check it out, you totally should. Just as a side note... Be sure to dress warmly! I froze my behind off because we didn't plan to go, so all I had on was a thin long-sleeved tee, a fleece vest, and a scarf. Needless to say.. It was COLD!!

It's getting late so I'm heading to bed. Until next time... Much love & blessings!


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