Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow days

Kris didn't have school on Tuesday so we spent the day lounging in our pj's, hanging together, playing games, and just having fun. We started with breakfast and then played some games. Tuesdays are my day to clean the bedrooms. Kristi wanted to help so I asked her to pick up her room so that I could vacuum. She lovingly obliged and put Gregorian Chants in her CD player to clean to (such a proud mama!). About 15 minutes after she started, she called to have me see. I walked in and was so proud because there was nothing on the floor! Then, I noticed the closet doors were closed. Out of curiosity, I checked inside and viola--all the stuff from the floor was now in there. I laughed, completely and totally. I did explain that "cleaning up" didn't mean stuffing everything in her closet. She was like, "Oh." So, she took everything out and this time really put everything away. And she did it all without complaining! Once that was done, I started vacuuming her room and she of course wanted to help.

The vacuum was a little heavy for her but all in all she did a really good job! So after we finished that, I did some laundry while she played. She helped me cook stir-fry for dinner. It was a really nice day of just spending some quality time together. :-)

As far as business is concerned, not much has gotten done there this week. Same with cleaning (except for yesterday). This week has been pretty crazy with things. 

On the weight loss front, this week was definitely disappointing. I only lost .5 lb which didn't make me very happy, especially since I've been 100% on plan. I don't know; I guess it's just an off week.

I got my upstairs office more or less completely set-up. That was a yay! The downstairs office is now 100% business only. It's kind of nice having my areas split up. I can't stand how cold it is downstairs so this is definitely helping me with school work and paying bills (although this week I'm already behind). We got the spare room/office set-up, all except the bed. All the pieces are there to finish setting it up except for the hardware. We went through more boxes in the rec room but still haven't found it. I'm assuming it'll be in the very last box we look in because that's just our luck.

After Kristi got home from school, we went to the store to get crafting stuff. Kristi was so excited to spend her allowance for the first time. We've been having some behavioral issues with her lately so we started having her earn allowance for obeying us, helping with chores (i.e. cleaning her room), getting ready for school without complaining, and going to bed without complaining (these have been the biggies for the past month or so). So far she's doing great. We've only had one evening and one morning where she lost part of her allowance. It was really cute to see her so excited though. I told her she could get whatever she wanted except for candy and she immediately gravitated to crafting projects (yup... she's totally my kid!). Here's what she picked out:

I have to say though that I was a little disappointed with our Dollar Tree's selection of crafting supplies. We have a HUGE Dollar Tree here so I thought there'd be lots of stuff to choose from but the crafting supplies other than paper was slim. I figured, "Why not go to Dollar Tree so she gets the most for her money?" The one in York has an isle with all kinds of glitter, glitter glue, popsicle sticks, fuzzy balls, googley eyes, etc. so I assumed this one would too. I think next time we'll just take a trip down there or maybe to Hagerstown (if there's one there). We could probably try Five Below too. I think the one I was in was pretty awesome! Anyway... She got a new folder for school since her other one is all messed up and she was really happy about that. She ran out of construction paper so she was really happy to find that. Of course, anything Ariel or Princess is a must on her list. LoL! :-)    

Well, that's about all I have for today so until next time, much love and many blessings!


P.S. If you want to know what I'm currently working on, check out On My Needles!

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