Friday, January 21, 2011

Modge podge

Woohoo! It's only the 21st of the month and this is already my 4th (or 5th??) post this month! I definitely say that's progress! With that said, here's an update on my goals:

1. Room of the day cleaning--I was doing great with this until this week. Kris had off school Monday for MLK day and Tuesday because of snow. This really threw a monkey wrench into the whole cleaning situation. I have to figure out how to incorporate cleaning and school work while she's home without feeling guilty about it. Wednesday and Thursday's rooms didn't get done because something was wrong with the heat so we ended up staying with Andy's parents until it got fixed (I'll explain that later). Today, well today isn't over yet. ;-)

2. Do at least 5 minutes of business related stuff everyday--doing pretty well with this. Today I printed out the test postcards which I'll be mailing out early next week. I haven't decided yet if I like them the way they are or if I'm going to change them some. I'm completely caught up on the lessons and am continuing to review information (and this applies to both businesses).

3. Completing school work once Kristi goes to school--Doing great with this in MGT but horrible in INB. In my last post, I told you that I found the print copy of my textbook for INB and that has been helping some but I just can't seem to get myself motivated to continue reading and do the work. Unfortunately, I have to have this class in order to graduate in May so I'm trying really hard to just suck it up and look on the bright side... I only have 5 weeks left of this class!

On the other business front, I got a new client this week (score!!) so that's pretty exciting. I love my job! I also have another prospective client signing up within the coming weeks (double score!!) so that's pretty exciting too.

Okay so on to the heating issue. I just have to say that I'm totally not impressed with the people who did the HVAC and plumbing in our house. I'm not going to name names but let's just say that every time the problems are "fixed" they come back shortly thereafter. For example, they have come out 3 different times to fix the problems with both toilets on the main floor (our constantly run after flushing and Kristi's leaks water from the tank into the bowl). Now, the reason the heat wasn't working was because a wire wasn't hooked up properly causing no electric heating. Ugh! Anyway... Thankfully everything is under complete warranty for the next year!

Totally changing gears... For Christmas, Susan got me a book on tape. I have honestly never actually listened to a book on tape because I'm usually a visual learner. I started listening to it the other day and I'm already on the second of six discs. I'm really enjoying it! It's called Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God by Sheila Walsh. It's amazing to me how much she and I have in common. It's really been a great eye opener to know that other people have experienced and felt the same things I have.

Okay, so I need to buckle down and get working on homework although I'd much rather continue to tell you about my day. :-) Until next time... Much love and many blessings!


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