Friday, February 25, 2011

100 Day Picture Challenge

I don't have a lot of time to update today since I have to be up really early in the morning for TSFL Storm Training (it's going to be awesome!). But, I wanted to share this with you quickly. My sister posted a challenge on FB that I totally want to take part in. It's a 100 day photo challenge. Day 1 is a picture of yourself with 15 facts. Here goes:

1. I'm totally scared of bugs, especially spiders.
2. I prefer my hair short (much to the chagrin of my fiance).
3. I have a 5 year old daughter named Kristi Michele-Annette Ruggiano.
4. I love music.
5. I sing...ALOT!
6. I'm working on my Associate of Arts in Business degree.
7. I'll be starting my bachelor's in Elementary Education degree in June.
8. I've had a fear of toilets since I was a kid.
9. I like to exercise (as long as it's fun).
10. I try really hard to be organized but never quite seem to get there.
11. I adore reading.
12. I love Christmas time and winter.
13. I really enjoying baking, especially cookies.
14. My favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls.
15. I'm a night owl.

Really quick update on goals:

Business: Got the second batch of letters addressed and stamped. I just need to record who and when on my spreadsheet, which will be completed within the next 20 minutes (that is if I can stay off FB). They'll be mailed tomorrow. TSFL--Training tomorrow which is going to be awesome. I plan to spend at least 5 minutes everyday working on each business.

Weight loss: Nothing to report other than both Andy and I are back OP as of tomorrow and nothing will be stopping us this time! My goal with this is to see how little time it takes to hit my goal. As of now, I'm hoping by the middle of April.

Quiet time: Not doing so great with this. Since I'm always so tired at night, I think I'm going to switch and get myself up 20 minutes earlier everyday and use that for my quiet time. I just need to do this. The more time I spend reading, the more I'm going to know how to live my life and in turn, will be happier.

Room of the day: Getting back on track. Didn't get today's finished as I wasn't home all day. The time I was home I spent doing homework. Since weekends are usually my days off from cleaning, I'm going to try to do today's room tomorrow. Hopefully being the operative word.

Kris is finally feeling better. Her school has a 24 hour fever free rule which is why she was home yesterday. With that said, she had a great day back today. She was so exhausted from all the fun and excitement that she fell right to sleep! Yay! That's all I have time for (thank you God for giving me the skill of fast typing!) so until next time, much love and many blessings!


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