Monday, February 21, 2011

Date Day

Friday and Saturday were both pretty eventful days. Friday morning, after Kris got off to school, Andy and I headed over to the jewelers to pick up my engagement ring.

I'm totally enamored with it. LoL! I can't stop looking at it! (And I'm sure you see why!) It was well worth the wait. :-) It's honestly a lot heavier than I thought it'd be. Now, I just have to find someone who can make a LOTR band small enough (like 5mm or under at a size 4).

So I told you all about the wedding dress fiasco in my last post. Well, I just had to get out of the house after getting my ring so I took a trip down to J&B Bridals in downtown Chambersburg. I first stopped at Sheetz to grab my low-fat mint latte and some grapes to snack on (yum!). I got to the bridal store with the sole intention of only looking, not trying anything on. I told the consultant about my fiasco with and she was literally as horrified as I was. She took me to the secret upstairs room with all the discounted, discontinued dresses (they're all marked down under $500...Score!). She pulled about six gowns out so I could take note/stock. I told her I liked all of them so she really recommended me trying them on so I reluctantly did. Here's the pictures of the first 3 dresses (sorry about the quality--they were taken with my phone):

This was one of the first dresses I saw and fell in love with.
I really liked the champagne contrasting.
That detail is what I fell in love with...Gorgeous!

My favorite after trying it on... Dress #2

This dress had the most beautiful detailing.
Favorites: The dip in the back and the faux buttons
I liked the simplicity of this dress... #3

Favorites: The pleating and crystal beads = Gorgeous!!

The simplicity of the train allows for a cathedral length veil.
I loved all three of these dresses. It was a pretty tough decision until I put on the last dress. As soon as I saw it on, I knew it was THE ONE. Pictures will have to come at a later date though since he's not allowed to see it until I walk down the isle. Well, after I fell in love I got worried that the dress was going to be out of my price range. I asked the consultant to check on it for me (they didn't have the sale price on the tag because it had literally just been taken upstairs). She came back and told me that it was a little higher than I wanted, but she talked to the owner and told him what had happened and he said that if I could pay for it in full today, he'd give it to me for the same price as the other dresses. I was like score!!! It's mine!!! I completely believe that it was totally God. On a side note: I'm totally going to talk to Casey about taking a picture of Andy's face when he first sees me :-) He's totally going to cry! LoL! So the rest of Friday was pretty uneventful. I took Kris over to her dad's. Just a note to self: I have seriously got to stop drinking so much water when in the car for long periods of time. I swear, if Jay had been any later I would've totally peed myself. Lucky Kris, she can just sit on the side of the car and go! Oh to be a kid again...Then again, maybe not!

Since we knew Kris would be with her dad this past weekend, Andy and I decided to do our Valentine's Day Saturday. He had a meeting at work from 8:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. so I picked up my dress from the bridal shop and took it over to his mom's. Everyone wanted to see the dress and ring, so I got to walk the runway. I felt like a total dork!  Anyway... After Andy got off work, we had a really great discussion with Shari then we braved the windy and cold to walk around downtown a little. We were going to have dinner at the little bistro on Main Street but it didn't open until 4:00 p.m. so we decided on Cafe d'Italia instead. It's a really cute, small Italian restaurant that sits in the corner of the square. We got to sit in the front, where the windows look out onto the square. It was really romantic. So I ordered calamari (I love it but hardly ever order it because it's fried) and bruchetta and was totally stoked about it. She brought the bruchetta out with Andy's lasagna and then brought the calamari. I took one look and about narfed! There were calamari rings around the rim of the plate but the whole inside of the plate had fried squid tentacles!!! I seriously couldn't believe my eyes!! I have NEVER in the 10 years I've been ordering calamari ever had an experience like that! I asked if it was possible to only get the rings so she took it back and asked. Of course, I heard all the kitchen guys laughing (as was Andy). Needless to say, I won't be ordering that again! LoL! I got a salad instead so maybe that was God's way of telling me not to eat the fried food. After dinner, we went into the lighting place to get ideas for lighting in the dining room and kitchen. Then, we hit the mother load of all book stores. This store has over 9,000 books and even has historical books for sale. It was amazing! Every time I turned around, there was an entryway to another portion of the store. Each room has multiple sofas and/or chairs that invite you to cozy up with a book. There's even a room with a fireplace! It's uh-mazing!

Sunday was pretty uneventful. We picked Kris up, ate at Bob Evan's, and braved the snow driving home. We made it all in one piece. Today's been pretty uneventful as well except that Kris has been sick. She was running a pretty high fever earlier but it's thankfully gone down now. We've been having a pj-movie-watching day. Well that's about all I have time for today. Until next time, much love and many blessings!


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