Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Myself & a family member (Day 26)

Okay... So yes, I'm falling behind again, but that's okay. Next installment of the photo challenge:

Bentzel & Slimmer families (my future in-laws)

Mom & niece


Mom, dad, & future brother-in-law
I know it's supposed to be one photo but I just don't have a photo of everyone. :-)

I get these feelings at times that blogging can be such a chore. But they're usually only fleeting moments. I really do enjoy blogging, especially about what's going on with my goals and such. I really think it helps me not only recount what's going on in a particular day/season in my life but also just put my thoughts and feelings on paper. I have a horrible memory so this is something I can look back on and be like, "Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that!" Anyway...


Business: I've been doing pretty good on this front with TSFL. I've made a lot more prospecting calls as well as talking to people about it on my everyday journeys. It's getting much easier to talk to people about it and I love the feeling I get knowing I've helped someone. I've been making an effort to stay connected with the support calls and meetings each week. They're really helping me stay focused and revving me up. The tasting I held on the 19th was exciting and disappointing at the same time. I had a really great time and was definitely appreciative of my business coach coming along for the ride! It definitely gave me more confidence in myself as a health coach. I guess I get these concepts in my head of how I think things are supposed to go so when they don't go that way, it freaks me out. This has definitely been a difficult journey for me, not so much the business aspects of it but getting my confidence under me. I am wholeheartedly one of those people who need to know everything about my subject before trying to teach or help others. I hate being asked a question(s) and not know the answer(s). It's one of the qualities that make me such a great trainer (and possess a certain lack of modesty.. LoL!). Just this week, when speaking with my coach, I realized that I really don't need to know everything. It's really okay not to know everything because I have an amazing support system in this business. If I don't know the answer--which let's face it, I won't always know the answer no matter how much I study--I have an array of people who will and/or can point my client to where they need to go to find the answer. Another reason I feel I need to know everything is because I love teaching. It's been a passion since middle school. But again, I realized during that same call that teaching is not my job. My job is to point my clients in the right direction and let them take ownership of their journey. This week so far has been amazing with realizations and I am so excited to see what the future has in store with this!

Weight loss: I honestly have nothing to report here. My weigh in yesterday was definitely not anywhere close to being correct and I'm 99.9% sure it's because I drank a TON of soda on Sunday, and a lot of that within a few hours before going to bed. Yeah, learned my lesson on that one. Needless to say, I'll be laying off the soda, especially right before bed.

Room of the day: Pretty much the same. Getting done, for the most part. I at least get the rooms cleaned, just not always dusted.

Quiet time: I have to really get back on track with this. I'm disappointed in myself for not sticking with it and it's not that I don't want to, I just always seem to have a mountain of crap that gets in the way. I know I need to start going to bed earlier than midnight or 1 a.m. everyday. That will definitely help with me snoozing until I have to get Kris out of bed.

So what's been going on with me... Alot. We've been pretty busy, frustrated, annoyed, happy, sad, and a myriad of other emotions. Kristi and I have been solidly working on our wedding favors. We've got 39 of 67 completed (well as completed as can be). We picked up the centerpiece hurricane's over the weekend. I was really excited about that because they're gorgeous and perfect and only $1.50 a piece! Score! I'm totally stoked. We also picked up the pillar and taper candles for the unity set I'll be making/decorating. When I first started looking, I couldn't believe the price of unity candle sets! Craziness! I'll be able to make it perfectly what we want for a quarter of the cost. I love being crafty :-)

I am officially graduating with my degree on July 16th. I seriously felt like the day would never come. I have about 5 weeks of class and will be completely finished. All I have to do yet is order my cap and gown!

Well that's about all I have for now so until next time, much love and many blessings!


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