Sunday, March 13, 2011

Someone who inspires me (Day 16)

C.S. Smith Photography

This one is hard because there are many different people who inspire me in many different ways. For the sake of longevity, I'm only going to focus on the person who inspires me to what I'm dealing with and going through at this very moment in my life (that mostly has to do with business). I don't have an actual picture for today because I wasn't sure if the woman who most inspires me would be okay with that (you'll understand in a moment). Her name is Casey and she just started her own photography business this year (see link above). She has a blog which she started in January tracing her goals, especially ones that are business related. As a fellow entrepreneur, seeing what others do and how much time they spend doing stuff really inspires and helps me stay on track. Not only is this woman a professional, but she's also a fellow knitter and friend. She takes the most amazing photographs (especially of her little one) and makes you feel so at ease when being in front of the camera. I'm not a natural in any way shape or form, but she really helped me relax and just be myself yesterday. There are so many things she does that inspires me even though we are not intertwined in every day life. So this one's to you Casey! Thank you for being the most amazing and wonderful you!

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  1. Aww, now you're going to make ME cry! I'm SO happy you're taking these crazy hard steps to go forward and do something that you really, really believe in. It's so worth it and you'll do GREAT!