Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Some call it lackadaisical; some call it lazy; and others just call it....BUSY! Yes, I realize I haven't updated in oh about 3 weeks-ish. And in light of that, I'm officially finished the 100 day photo challenge. I accept defeat. I know it only takes a few minutes to post but seriously, those few precious moments could be used to knit like, oh I don't know, at least 3 stitches! No seriously though... I've just been overwhelmingly busy. Each and every weekend is filled with a crazy amount of stuff because that's the only time we have as a family to do things. Okay, let me back up and explain...

I got very busy with cleaning our house and generally just stuff. Well, 2 weeks ago, I started a full time job with Rubber Sheet Roll as the senior administrator. I seriously love this company and my job. They're Christian based which is definitely a positive. Anyway... I started working 8:30-4 but have since changed to 9-5. The drive's not bad--only about 20 min and most of that is just because I have to drive at 25 mph through town. With that said, I do miss time with my soon-to-be hubby. We only see each other for about 10 minutes in the morning and then I leave. Since he works second shift, that's about all we have until Saturdays. I do have to say though that this lack of time spent together is already helping our relationship. We're already cherishing the little time we spend together.

So where am I with goals. Sadly enough, there's not much to report with those either. (You know, for not updating for almost a month, you'd think I'd have more to talk about!) So here goes:

Business: Neither is where I want them to be. Waugh Street Note Service has yet to do anything, despite my marketing efforts and I'm really not sure how to fix that. I'm also worried that this isn't going to go anywhere because now that I'm working full-time outside the house, I have that much less time for researching leads, especially since the courthouse is only open the hours I'm at work. I have a way of looking up leads online but it's uber expensive. TSFL really isn't going anywhere either. I was doing really well for awhile with making my prospect calls and whatnot but that seems to have died off. In some aspects, I just feel like such a failure at this stuff. I want to believe that I'm an awesome entrepreneur and that everything is going great but the reality that I'm facing is that it's not. I'm not really sure where to go from here...

Weight loss: Since last time I updated, I have no idea how much I'm down. With that said, since starting this journey, I've lost a total of 38.2 lbs. Definitely can't complain about that! I was supposed to start transition this week but decided that I'm going to stay on plan. I want to be at a healthy weight and have the habits instilled to stay at a healthy weight when we start trying for kids.

Room of the day: Well, that's not really a "room of the day" goal anymore. It's more like a clean-fest wherever, whenever.

Quiet time: Unfortunately, this is gone by the way side. I'm not really sure how to fit this in my schedule. I barely wake up in enough time to get ready for work. I thought about before bed but most nights, I'm just so exhausted and can't process any more information. I don't know. Maybe if I can squeeze in a verse or two day would be better than nothing at all??

Other than that, life hasn't been too crazy. The wedding is coming fast--only 24 days!!! I seriously can't believe it's so close! I'm going to be Mrs. Andrew Kramer... Awww! Anyway...

Something that struck me the other day was another blog I was reading. If you're not familiar with Shabby Blogs, you should totally check it out. The woman is seriously and beautifully creative and I very much envy her stuff. Which brings me to the point of telling you this... She posted an entry the other day titled Just Say NO to Blog Envy. What I found amazing is that this not only applies to blogs but also everyday life! There are so many things I'm envious of like curly hair, being super thin and still eating whatever I want, being the perfect mom, having money to do whatever, whenever I want, etc. But really...Why be envious? I mean, I am so incredibly blessed, more than I ever hoped to be. Why should I waste my time feeling bad that my life isn't exactly as I planned it or I don't have what everyone else has? The fact is, God made me unique. I'm creative, beautiful, fun, and love being alive. There is nothing else that God could give me to make me be any more awesome. I'm awesome because He made me that way. :-)

Well that's about all I have for today. Until next time, much love and many blessings!



  1. Believe me, you haven't failed at anything. I firmly believe that changing direction when things aren't working IS NOT failure. It's being smart instead of stubborn. You have a thousand fifty-two things happening at one time and you happen to be in a place where you need to prioritize your focus. Not to mention, if you're happy you CAN'T have failed! :)

  2. Aw! Thanks Casey!! You make great points. :-) I think that's my main issue. I just have too much going on. I think once the wedding's over it'll settle down some and give me more time to focus. I'm still adjusting to working outside the home as well. Oh, and as a side note... I'm totally stoked!!! Only 23 more days!!