Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Vacation. So many words come to mind... Relaxing, eating, fun, eating, swimming, eating, watching tv, eating... (pattern much?). Ours revolves around relaxing, lounging, and spending fantastic quality time with our great friends, the Echterling's. This year, we spent more time on the beach which was really nice. The weather cooperated for the most part although was really overcast. Honestly, I'm cool with overcast as long as the rain stays away. The day we arrived in Ocean City, the wind was so crazy that I really thought I'd fall over!
Kris could hardly walk straight

I look like I'm standing in a wind tunnel
 The waves were pretty crazy the whole week we were down there, so Andy and Kris couldn't swim as much as they liked. But they still had a great time while I sat on the beach and knitted.

This wasn't anywhere close to how high they got
This year both families chose to be a little more domestic and eat-in instead of eating out every meal. It was a really nice change to the norm and everything we had was fantastic (and A LOT more healthy). We didn't get to spend as much time at Sunfest which was a little disappointing to me but of what I did see, I loved. It's a really good thing I didn't take money with me though because there were at least 20 things I wanted to buy. :-) Here's a few shots to sum up the week:

Gorgeous sky

My Little Love <3
Since the beach, not too much has happened. Andy and I unfortunately had to return to work (boo!). He's been on overtime since coming back so we haven't really had a chance to spend much time together. We're attempting to paint the hallway and foyer in a beautiful tan color with the trim and doors being a darker tan. We finished the first coat in the hallway before leaving for the beach and am hoping to get it finished this weekend. Since Kris will be with her dad, that shouldn't (shouldn't being the operative word) be an issue. We just have to figure out how to get up to the top part of the foyer. Since we live in a bi-level, the distance between the landing at the front door to the ceiling is taller than our ladder allows. We got an extender bar for the edger and rollers, but are a little hesitant because of not being able to tape the ceiling. We'll see how it goes. I'll definitely post the before and after pics.

I think I mentioned in my last post joining the PTA at Kristi's school. I was undecided about becoming the chairperson of the fall fundraiser committee because of a not-so-great experience last year, but did a lot of praying about it. I felt like God was placing it on my heart to do it, so I volunteered. I don't know why, but I am nervous. I guess I've never really done something like this before, so I'm worried about messing up? I don't know. I know it'll be fine. I also volunteered to help with the book fair in a few weeks. We're going to get to eat lunch with Kristi since the book fair is the same week as National School Lunch Day. She's super stoked about it. Last year we ate with her and surprised her with Shari and Sophie joining us as well. It was a great time and I'm really looking forward to it again.

So I haven't really written too much about my pregnancy other than that I'm pregnant and we know we're having a girl. I hesitate to say too much more because I don't want to "complain". I mostly try to stay positive but there are definitely days that I have issues. I have to be honest and say that this pregnancy is no where near as bad as my last. For those of you that know me know that my pregnancy with Kris was pretty awful. Without going in to a long, drawn out story, let's just say that I was truly TERRIFIED of getting pregnant again. This one has been fairly uneventful so far. About the only downside I'm really experiencing is not being able to sleep. We have a pretty soft mattress which is what Andy and I both need but since getting pregnant, I'm finding that I sleep better with a firmer mattress. I figured that out the night I stayed at my bestie's house and down at the beach. Both times, I slept like a baby! I only have 19 more weeks to go and am praying that I can get some better sleep. **crossing fingers** Other than that, I've been feeling much more energetic since I started taking an iron supplement. I'm really happy that it's helping. The only other pregnancy symptom I'm feeling is nesting. Like last night, I walked into Trinity's room (which is also my office) and just about dropped. I've been slacking on filing papers so there's about 20 piles of paperwork that need to be filed (okay, that's an exaggeration but it feels that way). Last night, I got everything organized by category and got all but a few papers filed. The room is still a mess since it's pretty much been our catch-all type room since moving in a year ago, but it's definitely getting better. I think what really got me on the kick was we went to Babies R' Us on Saturday to do Trinity's baby registry. When I looked at her room last night, all I could think was where the heck is everything going to go? There's a space for the crib and changing table and that's about it. I know the wardrobe that's already in there will be used for her but I also have a computer desk, book shelf, and filing cabinet for my business stuff--all in a 10' x 10' space. Yeah... Smh....

As a side note, I know I keep saying this but, I really need to update more than just once every couple of weeks or months. These get so long and I'm sure you have better things to do with your time. ;-)

The next chapter of our lives is beginning and I'm totally stoked about it. I'm frogging and know He will take care of me, my family, and this little growing beauty in me. I thank and praise Him everyday for all the blessings He's bestowed upon us and will bestow upon us. No matter what life throws at my family and I, I know we'll always be able to handle it because He's there. It's such a great and comforting feeling. On that note, I'm going to pick up my needles for a bit. Until next time.... Much love and many blessings!


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