Monday, April 16, 2012

Normality... Will it ever return?

Normality... What is it? Right now, it's eat, change and feed Trinity, clean the sink, change and feed Trinity, load the dishwasher, change and feed Trinity, wash diapers, change and feed Trinity, etc. You get the picture... Actually, things really are finally starting to settle down here. Trinity is getting herself on some semblance of a schedule (ah.. blessed sleep!). She's now sleeping through the night and taking 3 fairly long naps a day. It's definitely been helping with getting housework, bills, etc. finished. She had her 2 month check-up last week and it went well. She weighed in at 12 pounds 5 ounces and is 23 inches long. She's in the 75 percentile for height and weight. I did talk to her doctor about the weight gain (I don't remember Kristi gaining that much that quickly) but she assured me that it's in perfect alignment with her height. She's up to eating almost 7 ounces a sitting! We started adding rice cereal to each bottle because of her narfing every time we turn around. Since starting that, she's only actually spit-up once or twice and it hasn't been much. EDIT: She's preceded to narf 3 times today (two of those being on me!) so I take that back... I have to say not changing her clothes 5 times a day is nice!

We decided before she was born that we would be using cloth diapers instead of disposables. We started out with the Thirsties Duo covers and non-bleached prefolds. The covers come in adorable patterns so when it's hot (like it is today!), she can just run around in her diaper! At first, I was a little concerned about the prefolds because they didn't seem to fit her very well. I tried different ways of folding them under the covers but she still seemed to leak a lot, especially at night. I even tried doubling  up at night but no such luck. I have since found a new way of putting the prefold in and I haven't had any problems since (unless she sleeps for more than 4 hours)! I've also starting using the all-in-ones that I got from a friend and am in total LOVE with these! I didn't choose them to begin with because A. I just didn't get how to use them, and B. They were more expensive. Well, I see now why they cost a little more but let me tell you--it's completely worth it! SIDE NOTE: They cost a little more because they go from newborn size all the way to 35 or 40 pounds depending on the brand. They are especially great for sitters, on-the-go, and at night. The inserts definitely seem more absorbent than just using prefolds. (Jeez, I'm such a mom!) I've been using Nutty Bums, bumGenius, and FuzziBunz brands. My favorite, hands-down, is the Nutty Bums. They have so many snaps for a customized fit and work so well with Trinity. Now, my friend who gave them to me prefers the FuzziBunz and I have to admit that they are my least favorite. Every single time she wears it, she leaks--even if it's doubled up! So anyway... my goal is to get more all-in-ones and be completely switched over by the time she needs to go up to the next size in the Thirsties Duo's. And at this rate, that'll be in 2 weeks!!

Okay.. so moving on to some goal stuff. I'm going to be completely honest with you. I suck. At goals. I make them. Then I never achieve them. I guess I don't suck at goals, per say. I'm great at making them. I'm just horrible with follow through. One goal I am succeeding at is my weight loss. Since starting, I've lost just under 15 pounds (I started almost 4 weeks ago). I'm really excited about that because I'm that much closer to fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes! Yes, I'm going to publicly admit that I'm still wearing maternity clothes. And I hate it. My plan was to start exercising with Zumba this week but at the advice of my health coach, I'm going to hold off on that for another couple of weeks. I'm really excited to incorporate it into my daily regimen, but I need to start off a little slower than that. So this week, my goal is to walk at least 20 minutes each day, not including today. I'm going to pack Trinity up tomorrow and head to our local park for a walk. It'll be nice to get out of the house and spend some time in nature. With that said, if I even remotely see a stink bug, I'm heading home!

The past few days I've actually done quiet time. I set this goal at the beginning of the year and just haven't gotten around to even attempting it. Well, I realized the other day that I just need to do it. That's it. Like Nike--not because I made it a goal or part of my daily checklist, but because I need to spend time in God's word. If I don't, how will I ever grow or know what I'm supposed to do as a follower of Jesus? Going to church on Sunday's for a brief lesson isn't enough. Something a pastor many years ago said made so much sense to me then but didn't really, really hit until just a few days ago. Going to church every week is a great thing but it can't be the only time you hear or study God's word because that makes you a lukewarm Christian. Sure, you can believe that Jesus died for your sins and you can even accept Him as your Lord and Savior. But unless you study his word, you won't grow or have a close relationship with Him. Part of my problem lies in the fact that I'm just so crazy forgetful. I asked Andy's sister how she remembers to do it, especially when she first started. She said that she remembers because one day she woke up and realized that she needed His word. When she said it, it made sense. But it didn't really click until just a couple of days ago. The more I read, the more I want to keep reading. I'm starting with Psalms, reading, and meditating on 2 each day. In just the few days I've been doing this, I'm already noticed how God is showing me things. One area where I struggle is finding the time to have quiet time. In the past week, I've noticed I have quiet time in the mornings and nights because I'm alone. When contemplating Psalm 5: 1-3, God showed me something in my study bible's notes. It states, "In the morning, our minds are more free from problems and then we can commit the whole day to God." Wow! Right there was the answer to my question. It's amazing to me how often God reveals His will to me through circumstances, situations, and other people! In Sunday's sermon, Manny closed with that our lifeline is our relationship with Jesus. I want my lifeline to be as secure as possible so I know this is something that I need.

I'm totally in love with New Release Tuesday. I've been a member of this site for many years but have never really utilized or explored it until a few weeks ago. They have free music downloads every week and an album preview. Today is the first day I've utilized the album preview--Thousand Foot Krutch. It's uh-mazing! It's being released tomorrow and I'm totally going to have to get it because it's just. that. good. If you enjoy Christian music, especially free, I highly recommend checking it out!


  1. This is just your new normal! And as far as goals go, you are the strongest and most goal steadfast person I know! You are a constant inspiration to me, and I am so blessed to have you in my life! Keep up the awesome work, love!

    1. Aw! Thank you Jill! I really needed to hear that today! I'm blessed to have you in my life as well! Andy and I were just talking about you yesterday ;-)