Monday, May 10, 2010

My week

So what's been happening this week? Everything! Kris was super sad that she couldn't stay with me "forever" (that's what she loves to say anytime I tell her it's time to see daddy). The exchange went really well, which is a blessing. We go to court on June 4th to decide custody. I'm hoping that it goes in my favor, but who knows with the judge we have. Actually, who knows because we're not going in front of the judge this time. I got a notice back in February that my ex-husband filed for full custody of our daughter. The original hearing was supposed to be heard on March 2nd. Well, I have since gotten two subsequent notices stating that it was postponed and rescheduled. The first time it was rescheduled to April 8th, still in front of Judge Maier. The second time it was rescheduled to April 29th but this time, instead of being heard in front of Judge Maier we are now supposed to go to mediation. Well, it has been rescheduled for a third time; this time being June 4th in front of mediation. I'm so confused as to why they would do this. Jared and I went through mediation and the whole reason we're in front of Judge Maier is because we can't agree on the terms of custody. Mediation just seems pointless, especially since I'm going to have to drive down again for another hearing because we still can't agree. The other thing I don't understand is why they think mediation would do us any good when I've filed a cross motion stating that I will not agree to Jared having full custody... Hmmm? Does that make sense to anyone else?

On a lighter note... Kristi felt much better this week. She ate, ALOT! It seemed like every ten minutes she wanted something to eat! I guess though that she wasn't getting as much nutrition as normal since she could only eat soft foods. She was saying the funniest things all week long. So Andy, Kristi, and I went on a walk around our neighborhood the other night. As we were walking around, she kept pointing at the trash on the ground saying, "There's the litterbug again. He must be around here somewhere because there's litter everywhere!" Haha! I just love when she says stuff like that. Later in the week, she was having some pain so I asked if she wanted her medicine (Tylenol + Coedine). She said, "Yes. But when I took this stuff last Tuesday it didn't make me sleepy; so, there's no sleepy-gas in it!" Again, I say... Haha!!

Speaking of sleepy-gas.. For those of you who have kids who haven't had surgery, they flavor the laughing gas! Kristi had chocolate chip cookies when she had her teeth pulled and grape when she had her tonsils and adenoids taken out. Why don't they do that for grown-ups! How awesome is that?!

So my French Market Bag KAL is going great. I have 5 1/2" of 8" completed and will be then working on the handles. Giddy up! I can't wait until this is finished because once it's off the needles, not only can I use it but also I can CO something else. My goal is to have this finished by SnB tomorrow night. My "something else" is Ellie's Daisy Stitch Tunic which the yarn came in Saturday! This is going to be g-o-r-e-o-u-s! I'm hoping to have this project completed by the end of August so I can start on some other Christmas gifts. I am using Peaches N' Cream in Silver Grey for her top. It's a really nice light gray and perfect for this top.

My business is going fantastic so far. I hit my CAB (Client Aquisition Bonus) for this month which is awesome! I'm currently at 6 clients signed on and my goal is to have 10 by the end of the month. I have two more prospects from Andy's work and a few from Facebook as well. My goal is to reach Executive Director by the end of June and be able to go to National Conference in the second week of July.

Mother's Day was great. I am so grateful that Jay let me have Kristi extra time this year :-) After church, we spent the day down at Matt's with our family and his girlfriend's family. There were like 20 people there and it was a great time of fellowship. We had fantastic food and conversation. Matt's house has beautiful landscaping and I was able to take some pictures of the flowers. 

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