Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ah... Finally

Yes, I realize that there was like a 10 day hiatus. I decided to update my other page a few days ago (my knitting one) so this one took a back burner. Plus, I really didn't have much to talk about because my life has been pretty boring lately. I'm currently staying at Andy's parents while they're on vacation. Speaking of... OMGosh am I totally jealous of them. They went on an 11 day cruise to Alaska! Yeah... I WILL do that someday (someday being the key word). Anyway... So about the house sitting. It's going pretty well except everytime I turn around, Zadi is throwing up. For some reason, she's been eating grass everytime she goes out. **insert psychological viewpoint** Maybe she's upset because mom and John aren't here and the routine is different?? IDK... But it's causing all kinds of messes! Other than that, the dogs have been great.

So, my week... Saturday we went to visit Shari, Todd, and the kids at their yard sale for Sophie Rose. It was a really fantastic time visiting with them. After we visited with them, Andy and I went to Sarah's new apartment to help her with moving and putting up some pictures. I just have to say that I'm super handy with a hammer, pencil, and tape measure (as long as it's not above my head)! I know what you're thinking... There's no way! Really though, the only thing I had difficulty with is getting the pictures above the ledge straight because of being vertically challenged.

So we got everything hung in Kate's room and most of what needed to be hung up in Sarah's bedroom. It looks pretty fantastic! Andy had the really good idea of hanging up two hat boxes that Sarah had purchased forever and a day ago on the wall. He felt they were too "pretty" (singing... I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!) to not display and since she doesn't have much shelf space, the wall seemed like the most logical choice.

We got everything up in Kate's room and it looks great! Here's the pics (I'm sorry about the black dot in all the pics. I didn't realize that there was something on my camera lens):


All in all we did a pretty fantastic job and I was super happy with the results. Sarah needed some other stuff for the apartment so we hit up a couple of stores. Although Andy and I weren't shopping for ourselves, we found this amazing coffee table that matches perfectly with our dining room table for only $15! Talk about a steal! We also found a beautiful painting (real canvas... Woot!!) for the same price that is going to be perfect in our bedroom. Andy decided that he really wants to do purple in our bedroom (I know.. shocking!) so this picture has shades of purple, teal, and gold. Sarah is keeping it for us until the house is built so I'll take a pic next time I'm at her place so you can see it's awesome beauty!

We had a great time at church on Sunday with the children. We did a lesson on Paul and it went fatastically well for not being able to look at the material until Sunday morning. We did a play where the children had to listen for certain words and do motions when they heard them. They had a lot of fun with that. :-) After church, Andy and I went to our lot (which is officially ours...Yay!) to take some pictures.

View from back to front

View from front to back

So we're not sure if this part is actually part of the lot because we still need to have it surveyed. I'm thinking that half of this part is ours, but we'll see. It's a really gorgeous area of Chambersburg and I can't wait to start breaking ground! We got the price of the lot cheaper than what was originally proposed. Although that is definitely a blessing, there are still other things that are jacking the price up like the grinder pump and the company who has to bore a hole under the main road in front of the house. I'm just so happy, thankful, and blessed that everything is starting to come together! The proposed finish date is the middle of October! :-)

Tuesday evening and most of Wednesday I spent with Sarah helping her hang up some other stuff in the apartment and put together the computer desk. Haha! That was fun! Yesterday morning, the DirectTV guy came over to the apartment to hook up her satallite. Okay.. I just have to tell you how incredibly creepy this experience was. I was sitting at the dining room table reading Parents magazine when he knocked on the door. I opened it and just about had a heart attack because I swear, this guy looked EXACTLY (with no exaggeration) like my ex-husband. The only difference between the two was the DirectTV guy was about 2 inches shorter than my ex. He even talked like my ex! It was like looking at a twin. Don't get me wrong, he was super nice and very obviously not my ex but when Sarah came out of the bedroom to greet him, the look on her face was priceless because she thought the same thing. Totally weird! The only actual bad thing about the experience was that Sarah can't get DirectTV because there are too many trees blocking the signal and the apartment complex won't allow them to mount the dish on the roof. Yeah... that totally sucks because Comcast is soooo horrible! I have never had a good experience with them!

If you want to know what is currently On My Needles, check out my other page! Well, I'm off to hang out with Andy's sister Shari and her children. Have a blessed week!

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