Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Minor Meltdown

Today is Kristi's 6th day of school and until this point, has been doing well with the fact that she can't take Rose & Dooda to school. Today though, she had a minor meltdown and yes tears were involved. She got upset because she doesn't like them to be home without her. Since she takes those bunnies with her everywhere, she is still going through her withdraw period. I do have to say that I expected much more of a fight about not taking them. Never the less, her eyes watered up this morning and she got the big eye complex but none actually spilled over... Yay!!

Yesterday was an all around fiasco. First, Andy and I went to hhgregg to get our appliances. Yay!! Exciting!! Um... yeah... it totally was until we got there and found out the representative who had helped us last time got a promotion (which is definitely a blessing for him) and because of said promotion, our paperwork with all our information got lost in the shuffle. Okay great so now we had to start over. That really wasn't a big deal because we pretty much knew what it was we looked at. In a way, the paperwork getting lost was a blessing because all the original appliances we looked at were very basic, bottom of the line stuff. The stove (which we couldn't look at before because it was out of stock) was only 4.6 cu ft and after looking at it yesterday was super tiny! So we bumped that up to the next level  (which is 5.7 cu ft) and decided to do the same with the fridge. We were originally planning to get the garbage disposal at a later date but got that thrown into the package and received a discount on the warranty. All in all, the appliances ended up being $1,000 more than what we originally planned. But, we definitely got a great deal on everything plus we also got better quality stuff. I'm sooo excited!

While at hhgregg, I got a phone call from DirectTV about the internet order I placed on 8/27. Apparently, the gentleman who took my order doesn't know how to listen because after spelling my address out for him 4 times, he still got it wrong! Because of that, my order wasn't processed which means my modem wasn't shipped and my internet was supposed to be activated today. At first, I wasn't all that upset because while I understand he should've been paying more attention, I do understand that people make mistakes. I mean, I've worked in customer service for 10 years now so I get it. What upset me was that not only was he not paying attention, but he didn't even give me what I wanted. I asked for the highest speed available which I later found out was 3.0 Mbps. He told me that's what I was getting for $34.99 which includes the rental of the wireless modem. I thought to myself that's a pretty sweet deal. Um no... what he actually ordered for me was the 1.5 Mbps which to those of you who aren't big into technology wouldn't think that's a big difference. Well, I'll just let you know that it's a huge difference, especially to those of us who like to download and stream music and movies! So, because of the whole address mix up it pushed my activation date back plus my modem was just shipped yesterday. I would've been fine with all that except that because DirectTV does not directly offer internet through them (unless you want Satellite interenet which is oober expensive), I ended up spending a total of 5 hours on the phone between them and Century Link who is my internet provider. Needless to say, that was not what I wanted to spend my time doing yesterday. I got everything worked out and spoke with a supervisor to express my concerns because I'm sure I'm not the first person this has happened to.

I prayed and let it go and am feeling much better. I realize that I shouldn't let things like that get me so bent out of shape. I mean, I'm not in control of what happened so there's really nothing to get mad about. But that's hindsight... I'll try to remember that next time!

So on Sunday we bought the first can of colored paint for the house and that was exciting. Originally we thought we may not be able to paint the house until after we moved in but we figured out the money situation and am pretty sure we'll be able to get all the paint for the whole house (except the great room because Andy still isn't sure exactly what he wants to do down there yet)! I'll be spending the next two weeks, everyday over there painting. That's going to suck because I really don't enjoy painting much, but it's totally worth it!

Well, I'm off to do my quiet time so until next time... Many blessings!


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