Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend... What weekend?

This has got to be one of the craziest weekends I've had in a long time. It was jam packed with chaos (the story of my life), fun, annoyance, and so much more. I was super excited that both Andy and Kristi had off school and work Friday and Monday. Friday, we got to spend the day together which was a lot of fun. I got my internet set up--finally--after the whole fiasco with the DirectTV representative messing up my address and order. Talk about annoying! After getting that set up, we went shopping and the wedding rehearsal. Little love was so good throughout the whole thing. After the rehearsal, we headed to Premier Events in Shippensburg for the rehearsal dinner. The food was absolutely fabulous (if you're in need of a caterer, I would highly recommend them)! Everything was super healthy--which was perfect for Andy and I--and tasted amazing! I honestly think I'm going to check into them if I get married.

When I got home, I decided to move some of my pictures from my laptop over to my desktop computer since I'm running out of room on the laptop hard drive. I got everything going and went to bed. I came down the next morning and while I was making my coffee noticed that my laptop wasn't on. Hm... that's a little weird because I definitely left it on when I went to sleep. At this point, I was thinking it probably just installed an update and restarted the computer, which would make complete sense except that I changed the settings to not download or install updates unless I approve them first. Weird... So I grabbed a cup of coffee when it was finished brewing (because we all know that I absolutely cannot function without my coffee) and sat down to figure out what was going on. Apparently, the computer did not download or install any updates but just shut itself off. Again...weird. The battery didn't die because I left it plugged in and it wasn't hibernating. It seemed as though it shut itself down because when I turned it back on, I got that cute little message saying I didn't properly shut it down and by not doing so can cause damage and blah...blah...blah. Well of course it wasn't shut down properly--I didn't shut it down! Duh! Anyway... after getting that all set I noticed that my internet wasn't connected. Ugh! At this point I'm thinking what the hell else is going to go wrong and I apparently thought that a minute too soon. I spent the next 3 1/2 hours on the phone with CenturyLink trying to fix the problem with no luck. What is so strange is that my computers (both have wireless connections) were connecting to each other via the network but not to the internet. The equipment I got from CenturyLink is a combo modem/wireless router unit. I could ping my IP address with no problems but couldn't ping any internet sites no matter what I tried. Throughout this whole process I was getting thoroughly annoyed because I had a million things to do before leaving for the wedding and ended up getting none of them done because of having to be on the phone. The two reps couldn't figure out the problem and I told them I'd have to call back because I'm out of time. So we get ready to leave and I realize that I still have to stop at Michael's to get buttons for my Tappan Zee cardigan I finished plus sew the little buggers onto it. Thankfully, that was a super quick trip and the buttons were only $.99 each....Score!!! Anyway... We got to the wedding early enough to run the piece a few times and figure out that we had to be moved in order for the videographer to pick us up since there were no mics. The wedding went well and was absolutely beautiful! Here are a few pics:

Kris & I waiting for the ceremony to begin
After our run through
Pastor Manny talking to the happy couple
Mr. & Mrs. Justin Ray
The reception was so much fun! Andy and I danced a bunch. They had all kinds of crafts and what not for the kids and that kept Kris occupied. We danced to a few slow songs and he even did the Electric Slide with me!! The food was absolutely fantastic--of course! We had chicken in a mushroom type sauce that was super juicy, grilled veges that included squash, zucchini, onions, red & green peppers, and carrots, and a salad. They also served rice pilaf, potatoes, and bread--which I didn't have any of. Woohoo! Here's a few pics from the reception:

Beautiful angel-food cake
This is why I love him so!
Kris & Andy dancing
So after the wedding I decided to call CenturyLink back to attempt to figure out my internet. Yeah... that turned into another 2 1/2 hour call that solved nothing. The gentleman I spoke with put an order in to have a PC tech come over Tuesday evening, which definitely did not make me happy but there wasn't too much I could do about it.

The sermon was awesome this Sunday. Manny talked about the importance of being broken. It was really informative and made me think. Unfortunately, Kris was not being good at all. I ended having to take her out of the service because she wouldn't stop talking to her friend. I don't mind that they talk, as long as they whisper. They were just out right talking normally. After I took her back in, she got mad and wrote on her little doodle pad, "I hate you mom". Needless to say, Kris went out to the car with Andy for the rest of the service and had a little chat. When I came out after the service she apologized and said she would never do that again. Haha! I'm totally not believing that one because I'm sure once she turns 13 that will be an every day occurrence! Anyway.. we hung out with Andy's parents after that and showed them the progress on the house. We spent the evening at Caledonia with Ivo, Sarah, and Katelynn for a pre-Labor Day cookout. It was a lot of fun. The girls played in the creek and at the playground while we all played Bananagrams. I just love that game! We all went back to my house afterwards to let the girls play some more since it was getting so cold outside. We sat down to watch Star Wars V (I think). Wow was I super confused. I was so confused that I dozed off about 1/4 of the way through it!! LoL! Oh well... Guess I'll have to watch that one again...

Monday morning we went to Lowe's to pick up the paint for the living room and bathrooms and supplies so I could start painting this week and next. I wanted to be sure the painting in the bathrooms got finished before the cabinets are installed because that would just be a pain in the rear to do afterwards. I was planning to do some taping since we had time before having to head to Andy's parents but that got cut short so we went over to Andy's rents to celebrate Matt & Susan's birthdays. We had a really great time eating, talking, and hanging out. :-)

So now you see why I say my weekend was so chaotic.

House update: Everything is primed and the kitchen is painted (and looks gorgeous). My goal is to have the bathrooms finished this week so Andy can do the living room next week. In between all that, I have to finish packing the house and get ready for the beach. My goal is to have everything finished before we leave so when we get back, all we have to do is load the cars and take everything over to the new house. I can't believe it's so close! So close yet so far. Anyway... that update took way longer than it was supposed to so until next time: blessings!!


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