Friday, September 17, 2010

A much needed vacation

So as you all know, the week or so has been a major stresser, not only for me but especially so for Andy. He's been on overtime for the last 2 weeks and this week has been staying at his parents to pet/house sit while they're on vacation. Because of that, I've been pretty much packing our place up by myself and painting the new place by myself (he has helped when he can). I'm really not upset about that though. I'm more upset about the fact that I have only seen him once this week and have gotten to talk to him for a total of 10 minutes a day everyday this week. :( I really shouldn't complain because I know there are people who spend way less time than that with their spouse/S.O. but it's an adjustment nonetheless when I'm used to see him every single day. That is why this vacation is sooo much needed! It's going to be nice to sit on the beach and just relax without a care in the world! I am incredibly excited to be able to spend 8 full days, 24/7 with my love and little love! I'm also super excited about being able to spend a bunch of time with our friends Megan, Todd, and their children Eli and Jordan (who Kristi swears is her boyfriend and she's going to marry someday)! Because of our schedules and distances where we live, it's difficult to get together sometimes so we don't get to hang out as much as we'd like. But anyway.. I'm finished complaining now. :-)

The house is coming along nicely. Next time I get over there I'll get some updated pictures and post them on here. I probably won't be able to get those up here until after the beach though. I'll definitely be updating a bunch (if I can) while at the beach. My plan is to spend a 1/2 hour each day blogging about the day or previous day. It'll be nice to recap the fun we've had.

Kristi makes me laugh with how forgetful she is sometimes (wow... Who does that sound like?)! She keeps forgetting to bring home her cardigans and lunch box. I told her the other day that she needs to remember to bring all her cardigans/sweatshirts home because I have to wash and pack them for the beach. She came home with 4 cardigans and her jacket! I was like holy cow girl! Yesterday, Kristi and I went over to her school yesterday after she got home because she had forgotten both lunchboxes which had both of our ice packs. When we got there, her teacher was still there so we ended up chatting for a little while about Kristi's progress. I was very happy with what she had to say because most days when I ask her what she did, all she says is, "I forget." Mrs. Buchheister said that Kristi is her star student (which made me feel really good). She's an extremely outgoing little girl who is super close to her new BFF Hailey. She helps out with everything in the classroom. Kristi showed me her "kid writing" which is where she draws a picture and writes a caption or short story underneath it. The progress she's made in just a few weeks is amazing! The first few she did she was able to write words, all scrunched together, and a very short sentence. Now, she's writing multiple sentences to explain each picture, her letters are getting better spaced as well as her spacing between words. It's really exciting how much she loves to read. Her teacher told me that she is the only child in her class who can read. She sat down with Sarah and Ivo yesterday and read a level one book totally by herself! I was very proud of her! :-)

I've gotten Kristi and myself completely packed for the beach (yay!) and almost have both of our bedrooms completely packed (double yay!!)! I am so excited for this vacation and move. I feel like my life is falling into place. God is bestowing blessings on me everywhere and I am so incredibly thankful for it! Anyway... I need to finish packing. Have a happy, healthy week!


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