Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not so regular

At the beginning of Kristi's school year, my goal was to start blogging everyday about the happenings in my life. However, life always seems to get in the way of my best intentions and efforts. I ran up to the house today to take Andy some of his MF food he forgot when he was here yesterday. While I was there I got the first coat of paint in Kristi's bathroom completed. We picked a lighter blue color since she wants an Ariel/Under the Sea theme. It looks really pretty now and I'm anxious to see what it'll look like once dry. When I arrived at the house, Andy and the builder, Eric, were installing the kitchen cabinets and some of the appliances. We chose a light hickory and it perfectly complements the dark teal paint color. I honestly was not very fond of them when we picked them out at the store (the display didn't showcase them well); however, now that they are in our kitchen I think they look amazingly perfect! We chose a happy medium for the counter tops since we have a dark color on the walls, the appliances are all black and the cabinets are light. Once everything is together and ready, I'll get a picture on here for you to see. I think you'll agree that everything fits together amazingly well!

Monday proved to be a little challenging for Little Love. She had a minor meltdown about not being able to take Dooda & Rose to school. I explained that they would be more comfortable at home because they have to spend the entire day in her cubby at school. She seemed okay with the answer but wouldn't let them go and continued to cry. So I compromised with her and asked if she wanted to walk with them to the bus stop but then they would have to go home with me. She liked that idea and once the bus came, she very quickly handed them off to me, gave me a quick hug and kiss, and was off. I'm very proud of how she handling the situation she's been thrust into. I can completely understand that this is a huge adjustment for her not only being with me all the time now instead of half the time with me and half the time with her father, but also an adjustment in not taking her "babies" with her everywhere. She has even gotten to the point where she won't go right to them as soon as she gets home. She comes home, gets a snack, and immediately runs outside to play with the neighbor kids (which is totally perfect for me because I can actually get some cleaning, Spackle-ing, and packing done). She's not to the point yet of leaving them at home when we go shopping or out somewhere but I know that will come in time. She has started leaving them in the car when we go inside stores, even if we're going to be a while. I think this is definitely a healthy step in the right direction. :-)

Recently, I was worried that she spends way too much time watching TV and being inside, although I do realize that with summer comes heat and we had a pretty big scorcher this year! I am very happy that she doesn't even ask to watch TV much anymore. The last few weeks she's been concentrating on spending time outside. The only time she asks to watch TV are in the mornings when getting ready for school and later in the evening after she's come inside. When we have time, she and I take walks in the later evening which has become a really nice way to bond and talk about her day (although most times she just tells me she forgets... LOL!). She also loves taking her camera with her and snaps pictures like every 5 seconds (and always of the most random stuff)! She's really into taking pictures of flowers... I guess she takes after her momma!

The past week has been a major source of stress and contention for me. Between running to Chambersburg every day to paint, hardly seeing Andy, and feeling as though I'm doing this alone, I have been stretched to the max. Andy worked a minimum of 60 hours last week including most of the day Saturday and this week is house/pet sitting for his parents while they're on vacation so Kristi and I have seen very little of him. I can deal with not seeing him, I mean yeah it sucks, but I deal but Kris is having a really rough time with it. She's still adjusting to not seeing him at all during the week. He's sleeping when she gets up and goes to school and he's gone before she gets home. The only time she's had with him is Saturday and Sunday and even that's been sparse. She was really upset on Monday about it and I honestly think that's one of the reasons she had a meltdown about not taking her babies to school. This was the first weekend visit with her father and I think it went pretty well. She had a great time celebrating her dad's fiance's daughter's birthday (whew! That was a mouthful!). :-) I know it'll get better here soon. We're going on vacation next week and then move into the new house. About the only other thing I see being a stress point for Kris is starting at South Hamilton.

Okay, so that's it in a nutshell and about all I have time for today. I have to get my butt in gear with laundry and packing. Until next time... Many blessings!!


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